Bush & Blair: Blackmailed pedophiles or just war criminals?

Today, after more than a million dead and several millions exiled, as the “too extreme for al-Qaeda” ISIL is grabbing more and more of Iraq, the question once again arises:

Why did George Bush and Tony Blair drag us into the Iraq quagmire?

They told us it was about Saddam’s WMD. But that was a preposterous lie. Bush even camped it up about looking for WMD under his desk. He thought it was fabulously hilarious that anyone had ever believed in Iraqi WMD.

So what was the real reason for the Iraq war?

Some say oil. But that seems dubious, since big oil lobbied hard against the Iraq invasion, fearing it would destabilize their business.

Others say Israel. That makes more sense; the Zionist lobby was the main force pushing for war in Iraq. But how can a sh*tty little country like Israel force a superpower to do its bidding?

One way is by blackmailing politicians. And in Bush and Blair, they had plenty of opportunity.

As Sherman Skolnick reported years ago in Bush Bisexuality Asserted In Scorching New Book:

“It relates to George W. Bush’s homosexual relationship, since about puberty, with Victor Ashe, long-time Mayor of Knoxvillle. When some in Congress began inquiries in the fall of 2003, Ashe in December, 2003, gave up being Knoxville Mayor and was appointed by George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the White House, as the U.S. Ambassador to Poland.”

Another story about Bush Jr. is that his dad invaded Panama because Noriega was trying to blackmail the Bush family into giving him a bigger cut of the CIA’s cocaine profits. Apparently Noriega was in possession of photos of W.  taken at a Caribbean brothel that caters to pedophiles. This is not just a rumor; I have heard it verified by a well-placed intelligence community source.

And let’s not forget Jeff Gannon. During Bush Jr.’s presidency, the fake journalist and homosexual prostitute Gannon regularly spent nights at the White House, apparently entertaining the President.

But Gannon wasn’t W’s only gay entertainment.

Wayne Madsen Reports revealed on Nov. 18, 2005:

There is good reason for the embarrassment of the Pentagon in the (Abu Ghraib) affair. The orders to take the sexually-oriented photos and videos, some of which involve teenage Iraqi boys and girls and sodomization by their guards, came directly from a pedophile and closeted male homosexual ring operating in the White House, according to the intelligence sources. Copies of the tapes and photos were sent directly to the White House for the entertainment of senior members of the Bush White House, including officials in the Vice President’s office and the Executive Office of the President.

None of this is surprising to anyone who follows the seamy underbelly of American politics. The Bush family is notorious for its sexual degeneracy. For example, George H.W. Bush attended parties serviced by child prostitutes, according to sworn testimony from the children themselves. For details read The Franklin Scandal and The Franklin Cover-Up and check out the video Conspiracy of Silence.

And the Mossad is very good at getting hold of blackmail material. During J. Edgar Hoover’s tenure at the FBI, Hoover had pornographic blackmail photos of just about everybody who mattered – which made Hoover the USA’s unelected dictator. But the real ruler, the éminence grise behind Hoover, was Mossadnik crime kingpin Meyer Lansky. It seems likely that Lansky’s heirs in Tel Aviv have an extensive collection of child pornography featuring “adult actor” George W. Bush.

And as for Tony Blair, he too appears to be a blackmailed pedophile.

Despite the strict libel laws in the UK, a British researcher has reported some, shall we say, “ugly rumours”:

‘In the autumn of 1983, a young well-dressed man presented himself to Bow St Magistrates’ Court on a morals charge. He was given a conditional discharge and bound over to keep the peace. The young man gave his name as Charles Lynton. He is now among the highest in the land.’

Blair’s middle names are Charles and Lynton. I have asked for the records of the period (the Court no longer exists) but failed to trace any mention there of the ‘case’ – if indeed it ever existed. Although I found the general attitude of information suppliers to be obstructive, there wasn’t any strong feeling of hiding stuff; frankly, I’d be amazed anyway if something incriminating about Tony Blair hadn’t been removed by now. Another source wrote to us as follows:

‘He was caught importuning in a Westminster toilet. It was all covered up.’

Two things are, however, relevant. Gossip did abound about Blair’s sexuality during his time in the rock band Ugly Rumours at Oxford. And while nobody has ever stood them up, it is widely accepted that Derry Irvine (Blair’s boss in Chambers) regularly referred to him as “the star closest to Uranus”.

While the Bush White House was jerking off to live feeds of Abu Ghrayb torture, Tony Blair’s government was cavorting with child prostitutes:

“In 1999 an international investigation into child porn by Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service codenamed Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed “under caution” by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation.  In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair’s government, allegedly Chris Smith, Peter Mandelson and Gay Gordon.”

Tony Blair with his good friend, the notorious serial child molester Jimmy Saville

Perhaps Blair never grew out of his fondness for liasons in public toilets – even while serving as Prime Minister. Blair’s government was embarrassed when an investigation found traces of cocaine in Parliament’s public toilets, while other investigations showed that Blair’s crowd was neck-deep in satanic ritual child abuse.

In early 2003, the “Operation Ore” investigation was about to reveal Blair and his cronies as serial child abusers.  Then Blair issued a gag order imposing a 100 year blackout on all discussion of the subject. Articles with titles like “Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Pedophile Ring” got yanked from circulation.

What were Bush and Blair doing when they locked themselves behind closed doors to supposedly plot the Iraq war? Investigative journalist Bob Kearley says that “a lot of squaddies I’ve met think there’s something weird going on between Bush and Blair. If you’re then told that the executive responsible for the conduct of the war is staffed by child-molesters … well, then Saddam suddenly looks like the sort of bloke with whom you can share a few tins [beer].”

If you don’t think there was anything going on between Bush and Blair, scroll back to the top of this article and look at that Bush-Blair photo again. If it doesn’t set off your gay-dar, nothing will.

And if all of this sexual blackmail isn’t bad enough, it turns out that the Zionists had an even nastier card up their sleeves: 20 nuclear weapons planted in American cities, ready to go off in a fake “al-Qaeda” attack if Bush refused orders to invade Iraq. Gordon Duff revealed some of the sordid details about this nuclear blackmail on my radio show last Friday.

So it seems that 9/11 was the warning shot of a coup d’état designed to force the US to fight Israel’s “Clean Break” wars and destroy its enemies – the famous “seven countries in five years” mentioned by Gen. Wesley Clark. And blackmail, both sexual and nuclear, may have played a role.


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Tom Mysiewicz was run out of journalism by the same folks who witch-hunted me out of the academy. Robbed of his livelihood by the Zionist mafia, Tom had to resort to making a living collecting mushrooms. But at least he can still tell the truth. As far back as 2003 Tom was warning that the Iraq war was part of a Zionist plan to smash Iraq into pieces. My interview with Tom Mysiewicz will be broadcast Monday on Truth Jihad Radio.


By Tom Mysiewicz

“The events that are taking place in Iraq are an illustration of a complete failure of the venture started by the US and the UK that allowed it to spiral out of control completely” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently told journalists.

Mr. Lavrov, I’m sure, knows better and is merely speaking for the press regarding the stated goals of the Iraq war. For the Anglo-Americans and their Israeli cohorts knew full well even before the 2003 invasion what they were doing and what the outcome would be. Very possibly, Mr. Lavrov never read my Oct. 2nd, 2005 predictions of Iraq’s fate in a Media Monitors article entitled “The End” (http://usa.mediamonitors.net/Headlines/The-End):

“What has been the end of the Neocon’s Iraq strategy from the start?…For some two years prior to the Iraq war, in Council of Foreign Relations and other elite circles, stories were circulated about the benefits of partitioning Iraq into Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish regions for the benefit of the “Greater Mid East” (read instead: “Eretz Israel”)…This could lead to a bloody civil war–easily anticipated prior to the U.S. invasion–and probably leave the Israelis in control of the majority of Iraq’s oil through proxies in a future Kurdistan…A depopulated, destroyed Iraq will be in no position to prevent the diversion of its oil supplies and water from the Tigris and Euphrates to Eretz Israel. Further, the conflict could spill over into Syria and Iran and other regional states, possibly drawing them into a conflict reminiscent of the Iran-Iraq war.”

This is coming to pass as you read this. With the Kurdish seizure of Kirkuk—effectively asserting control of much of the country’s oil wealth (much oil already being sold outside the aegis of the Iraqi central government anyway) for their Israeli patrons—and conquest of Sunni areas by ISIL/ISIS/Takfiri elements (enriched by a curious $450-million bank heist and much “captured” American-supplied military equipment) I contend that the real goal of the Iraq invasion and Israeli/Anglo-American policy is about to be realized—the partition of Iraq.

The entry of the Iranian elite Revolutionary Guard into the fray at this late date is a good indication of this—the pretext of keeping Iraq in one piece under Shiia control kept Iran on the sidelines during the Purim 2003 invasion of Iraq (which would have turned it into a regional conflict not wanted by U.S. allies at the time—the so-called “Coalition of the Willing.”) In 2003, Iran could probably not believe their good fortune as the U.S. destruction of Saddam virtually handed control of Iraq to the Shiia—turning Iraq from a dangerous foe into an ally!

From Israel’s standpoint, the latest Iranian move comes at a good time. They really want to control the oil and the Iranians and Anglo-Americans can slug it out with each other and with ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Syria) and the Takfiris to prevent them trying to retake the oil fields. Cut off from oil revenues, the Sunni and, to a lesser extent, the Shiia areas will become depopulated and “wither on the vine.” The Iranian involvement can also serve Israel’s interests by giving it a pretext to strike Iranian military and nuclear targets.

The Israeli public stance, then, is predictable. Rov Tov, in his latest piece, quotes a lengthy analysis in the Israeli publication Yediot Ahronot, by its “connected” military analyst Ron ben Yishai, a former IDF lieutenant colonel. Tov comments that ben Yishai is saying, in effect, that “If America does nothing, Israel will fall, and afterwards Europe.”

We are seeing the false dominoes of the Vietnam War laid out for the U.S. once again—this time by their Israeli “ally”. If the U.S. fails to intervene to protect Israel’s interests at this juncture, we are to believe, the states of Europe could fall, one by one, becoming part of the greater Takfriri “Caliphate.”


Echoing a long-held position of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) prior to the Iraq war, Leslie Gelb, PhD, President Emeritus of the CFR, stated in a Nov. 25, 2003 New York Times article titled “The Three-State Solution”:

“President Bush’s new strategy of transferring power quickly to Iraqis, and his critics’ alternatives, share a fundamental flaw: all commit the United States to a unified Iraq, artificially and fatefully made whole from three distinct ethnic and sectarian communities. That has been possible in the past only by the application of overwhelming and brutal force…

The only viable strategy, then, may be to correct the historical defect and move in stages toward a three-state solution: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center and Shiite in the South…Allowing all three communities within that false state to emerge at least as self-governing regions would be both difficult and dangerous. Washington would have to be very hard-headed, and hard-hearted, to engineer this breakup. But such a course is manageable, even necessary, because it would allow us to find Iraq’s future in its denied but natural past.”

As a U.S. Senator, Joe Biden carried the CFR’s (and Israel’s) water on this issue. According to a CFR backgrounder authored by Greg Bruno on Oct. 27th, 2007:
“A non-binding resolution that sailed through the U.S. Senate in September 2007 reignited debate over Iraq’s political future. Introduced by Senators Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-DE) and Sam Brownback, (R-KS), the measure calls for a decentralized Iraqi government “based upon the principles of federalism” and advocates for a relatively weak central government with strong Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish regional administrations. The bill, based on a proposal first introduced by Biden and CFR President Emeritus Leslie H. Gelb, passed the Senate by a 75 to 23 margin. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Chris Dodd (D-CT), rivals in a crowded presidential field that includes Sen. Biden, both supported the amendment.”

The Biden-Brownback plan was borne of a broader five-point strategy Biden and Gelb introduced in May 2006. But this so-called “federalism” scheme was seen by many Mid East experts as doomed to failure and merely a back door to partition of Iraq. According to the CFR, Anthony H. Cordesman, a Middle East expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, doubted security forces could function under federalism—and ridiculed the idea of a “soft” partition in Iraq—he saw any partition as being “hard” and bloody, filled with human suffering.

The 500,000 new refugees and the 1700 soldiers and civilians just brutally executed by the Takfiris in Iraq can now confirm this estimate to Joe Biden, now U.S. Vice President.

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Man discovered who still believes in Iraqi WMDs

Berkeley, CA – June 8th, 2014

In a shocking throwback to an earlier stage of human evolution, a man has been discovered who still believes that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. University of California scientists report that a Berkley man, Lee Kaplan, has tested genetically and ideologically as a species of neanderthalus politicus previously thought to have gone extinct.

The atavistic relic of a bygone age was displayed yesterday on Press TV’s “The Debate” show, where he proceeded to utter a series of barely-intelligible snarls, whoops, and screeches indicating his fervent belief that George Bush and Tony Blair were right, Saddam Hussein really did have weapons of mass destruction, and no amount of proof to the contrary would ever change his mind.

Evolutionary biologists, paleontologists, and neuroscientists alike were stunned by the shocking discovery that a creature like Lee Kaplan could still be wandering around dragging his knuckles in a modern, technologically-advanced city like Berkeley. “It is difficult to understand how a primate subspecies with this level of cognitive deficit could possibly survive in a challenging urban environment,” explained evolutionary biological neuroscientist Dr. Darwin Fish.

“While Lee Kaplan does seem to have a degree of control over a few basic motor skills, including farting out simple AIPAC-supplied talking points on command, his frontal lobe activity is essentially zero,” added cognitive linguistic brain expert Dr. Noam Chimpsky. “It is simply astounding that he has survived all these years without stepping off a cliff or being run over by a bus.”

After extensive testing, Dr. Chimpsky determined that Lee Kaplan is not just cognitively deficient, but that what passes for his brain seems hard-wired for an extremely limited vocabulary. “His linguistic abilities are neurologically restricted to a few simple expressions, like ‘Arab terrorist,’ ‘Arab dictator,’ and ‘Jew hater,” Chimpsky explained. “He is completely unable to process not only abstract thought, but also a long list of critically-important words and expressions including ‘Downing Street Memo,’ ‘yellowcake,’ ‘Plame-gate,’ ‘the facts were fixed around the policy,’ ‘AfterDowningStreet,’ ‘Zelikow’s threat that dare not speak its name,’ and many more.”

In a related discovery, media archeologists at Cal Tech University have found indirect evidence that Lee Kaplan may not be the only surviving relic of the Age of Iraqi WMD. A bizarre, barely-decipherable set of signals from outer space calling itself “Fox News” seems to be targeting an indeterminate number of creatures with similar cognitive impairments. Cryptozoology Professor Cass S. Squatch of Tulane University argues that the existence of these mysterious “Fox Bleeps” indicates that a whole troop of Lee Kaplans may be lurking in obscure nooks and crannies of the North American cultural wasteland.

The possibility worries Rockefeller Institute eugenicist Dr. Abel Danger. “What if they breed?” Dr. Danger asks. “Can you imagine the disastrous consequences of the unchecked reproduction of a viable and ever-growing population of Lee Kaplans?” Other experts, however, downplay the risk. “Lee will never figure out how to breed. He’s not smart enough,” explained reproductive endocrinologist Dr. I. N. Vitro. “And with his looks and his brains, I don’t think anyone is likely to offer to help him.”



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Prof. Daniel McGowan: On being witch-hunted by the “holocaust inquisition”

Broadcast Tuesday, May 27th, 10-11 a.m. Central on NoLiesRadio.org (then archived here).  Subscribers to TruthJihad.com get free downloads and early access to shows.

Professor Daniel McGowan, modern hero.Guest: Daniel McGowan is a Professor Emeritus at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Back in 2007, as I was being witch-hunted out of the University of Wisconsin for questioning 9/11, Dr. McGowan was also being hounded by Zionist fanatics. His crime was publishing this article:

What Does ‘Holocaust Denial’ Really Mean?

In it, Daniel McGowan asked some uncomfortable questions:

But putting aside the virile hate directed against those who question the veracity of the typical Holocaust narrative, what is it that these people believe and say at the risk of imprisonment and bodily harm? For most Holocaust revisionists, or deniers if you prefer, their arguments boil down to these three simple contentions:  1. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was intended to be ethnic cleansing, not extermination.   2. There were no homicidal gas chambers used by the Third Reich.  3. There were fewer than 6 million Jews killed of the alleged 55 million who died in WWII.    

Are these revisionist contentions so odious as to cause those who believe them to be reviled, beaten, and imprisoned? More importantly, is it possible that revisionist contentions are true, or even partially true, and that they are despised because they contradict the story of the Holocaust, a story which has been elevated to the level of a religion in hundreds of films, memorials, museums, and docu-dramas?

In response, six Hobart and William Smith Colleges Professors wrote a poison-pen letter to the University that was kept secret from Professor McGowan! “We…request the removal of Professor McGowan’s honorary title of “Emeritus Professor.”

Two years later, when he found out about it, Professor McGowan authored a justifiably outraged response.

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MH 370 – Immediate Beneficiaries of the “Missing Plane” – Peeling Away More Layers Of The Onion. By Matthias Chang

Listen to my interview with Matthias Chang on MH370

MH 370 – Immediate Beneficiaries of the “Missing
Plane” – Peeling Away More Layers Of The Onion

By Matthias Chang – Future FastForward 29th April, 2014

Since my last article of the 22nd April, 2014, I have been peeling away several layers of the Onion of Disinformation sent out by the perpetrators of the “disappearance” of MH 370 but we have yet to reach the core of the Onion. It will take some time. No doubt the odds are stacked against me, but I shall persist.

War Is Big Business

Judging from past experiences, we know that all wars benefit the Military- Industrial Complex, a key component being the financial interests. The financial interests are seldom brought to the fore by virtue of the misnomer “Military-Industrial-Complex”. People tend to look only at the incestuous relationship between the military and the global corporations that rely on defence contracts for survival and dominance – Bechtel, Boeing, Lockheed- Martin, Raytheon, Thales, Halliburton, Honeywell, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Serco etc.

Retired Admiral Gene La Rocque said it well, “Military product is manufactured primarily not for the defence of the USA or of any other country but merely for profit”. When major wars are unleashed, the financial benefits are invariably global in scope. The war in Afghanistan ensures the continuance of drug monies to grease the global financial system and to scuttle the Eurasian oil and gas pipelines that would give a strategic advantage to those countries that oppose the unbridled aggression of the Zionist Anglo- American war party.

Any Western powers that intend to confront and or contain Russia and China must secure the Oil Depot that covers the entire Middle East and extends to the countries surrounding the Caspian Basin.

To subjugate and dominate, an invading army must occupy the defeated nation. There must be boots on the ground and if one needs to have boots on the ground prior and subsequent to a war of aggression, there must be an oil depot to fuel all manner of transportation.

This was also the principal reason for invading Iraq and as admitted by Paul Wolfowitz – “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil” – address to delegates at an Asian security summit in Singapore in June, 2003.

False Flag Operations Are Also Big Business

Following the 9-11 false flag operation which spawned the Global War On Terror (GWOT) , the US immediately established the Department of Homeland Security and increased military spending by hundreds of US$ Billions. It has now costs US taxpayers in the US$ Trillions and counting!

Not all false flag operations are as large a scale as in the case of 9-11.
In order to reap US$ multi-trillion benefits, the false flag operations must have an impact which is either unprecedented in scope or which the status quo have no choice but to pursue certain policies.

Let me illustrate at the micro-level.

Local Security Companies

When a town or a community enjoys investment and commercial success, high standard of living and is “relatively crime free” this is a prime target for creative marketing by security companies offering a range of services to give a sense of well-being and safety to the rich folks and the growing middle-class families driving their new BMWs and Mercs and having expensive gadgets at home.

All that is needed is a few brake-ins, one or two roadside robberies to sound the alarm that the neighbourhood is no longer secure. Be assured that the majority of families would install house-alarm systems, parameters cameras and developers would employ security guards in commercial complexes etc. There would be huge increase in the sales on hand-guns and related self-defence equipments.

You get the drift.

The 9-11 false flag operation has given rise to a global business estimated to be worth at the minimum US$10 Trillion and counting. In the first year, post 9-11 the US alone spent some US$650 Billion according to some estimates.

Financial Benefits of MH 370

To understand the cost-effectiveness of the consequences of MH 370 to the global security business from the intelligence operations angle, one must understand the nature of all future wars.

An essential feature of all future wars is the ability to impose full spectrum dominance of space. When a country and or its intelligence agencies have full dominance of space, it will inevitably have command over air-space, the later have always been a critical factor in any war and for which the US and Russia are evenly balanced with the US having a slight edge. China is an up and coming military power for dominance in space though it lacks an air force that can challenge the US.

Please Google and research the following documents issued by the US Military:

1) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Vision 2010 – America’s Military: Preparing for Tomorrow;
2) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Vision 2020 – America’s Military: Preparing for Tomorrow;
3) Joint Publication 3-12 Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations;
4) Joint Publication 3-53 Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations;
5) The Unified Command Plan;
6) The National Intelligence Strategy of the United States of America: Transformation Through Integration and Innovation (and all subsequent revisions);
7) Cyber Domain, Security & Operations – Cyber Command; and
8) US Space Command Vision for 2020

The US Space Command aims for the dominance of space by integrating space forces into war fighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict. Vision for 2020 “serves as a bridge in the evolution of military space into the 21st century and is the standard by which US Space Command and its components will measure progress in its future.” The above documents are referred extensively in Volume 2 of the Future Fast-Forward Trilogy.

Be that as it may, the race is on!

To summarise and to keep this article within a suitable length, let me state here categorically, that the “disappearance” of MH 370 has afforded the global powers that are hell bent on unleashing the next global war a golden opportunity beyond their wildest dreams!


Let me explain.

Thus far international law and conventions demarcates between military and civilian air-space as well as how civilian and military satellites are deployed in outer space.
This has created critical problems for all manner of aerial intelligence surveillance, interceptions etc.. This “unnecessary hindrance” must be cast aside.

How??? This was the US$ Trillion dollar question that has perplexed war planners for decades. Even after 9-11, the impetus could not be harnessed to introduce a global policy which would blur, if not obliterate the demarcation.

This is because 9-11 was a “terror attack” false flag operation and its leading operatives had a different post false flag operation OBJECTIVES.

There was not in place a Vision for Space Command as embodied in the US Space Command, Vision for 2020 as well as Cyber Security and Command (which only evolved in 2011).

Essential to such dominance, there must be in place the infrastructure for:

1) Secure Global Communications;
2) Secure Global Surveillance;
3) SecureGlobalInterceptions;
4) Secure Global “Hidden-in-Plain-Sight” Locations other than existing military Installations;


Dominance in outer space has been difficult to achieve and at the present state of play, all the significant players are well entrenched and are evenly matched and balanced in technology.

But, the global air-space tells a different story.

This is where the US war party and its European allies have an edge, a decided advantage which they will now exploit before they decide to unleash the next war.

As at December, 2013, the military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with 164,227 of its active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories and an additional 118,966 deployed in various contingency operations. US troops are spread across the globe: over 66,000 are stationed in Europe; over 51,000 in East Asia and the Pacific region; over 4,500 in North Africa, the Near East, and South Asia; over 1,600 in the Western Hemisphere; 332 in Sub-Saharan Africa; and less than 100 in states of the former Soviet Union. Of those in Europe, most of the military personnel are located at installations activated during the Cold War, by which the US government sought to challenge the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II. (Source: Wikipedia)

The military bases in themselves provide a formidable global reach for the war party.
Just imagine the extended scope and dominance if they command and control the global civilian air-space through a new system that would be implemented under the cover “to avoid the repetition of MH 370”!

Let me bring you up to speed!

Let the territorial waters of a country, the airspace of a nation is subject to the command and control of a nation. The system of “controls” and related issues differs from regions to regions and countries to countries depending on the availability of technologies and their sophistication.

Let me illustrate what I mean by reference to the Flight Information Region (FIR) Map below which shows the point of “disappearance” of MH 370 where the four “air-zones” overlapped.

(The Red Spot is where MH 370 changed course and turned back)

Once a plane leaves a FIR as in the case of MH 370 from Malaysia and enters another FIR such as Vietnam, the pilot must sign off with Malaysian ground controllers and establish communications with the Vietnamese ground controllers.

Control is transferred from one air-space to another. From the map, Singapore may well have “heard” the exchange between MH 370 with Malaysian ground control and that of Vietnam, but she may not have recorded it as such as the plane was not entering its sphere of control.

The majority of the planes used by the world’s airlines are mainly from Boeing and Airbus. Most of the systems for air traffic control etc. are manufactured in the US and or in Europe.

Once a new system is installed in the majority of the airports of the world (which would bestow hundreds of billion US$ of profits to major global companies) even though some countries may opt out and or use their own system (which can be adapted to the new system) the end result is that the country and or countries that own the international consortium providing the technologies and services would be assured of total control of the global civilian airspace.

Earlier, I alluded that such a system would be costs-effective for the war party. This is common sense, for unlike the need to build and establish military bases, all existing civilian airports are ready-made bases for total control, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT FOR NO ONE AND NO ONE WILL EVER SUSPECT THAT NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES CAN BE AND WOULD BE CARRIED OUT UNDER THE COVER OF A GLOBAL UNIFIED SYSTEM OF CIVILIAN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL.

In a report by Shane Harris in Foreign Policy, he wrote:

For years, cybersecurity experts and government officials have warned
that the computer networks underpinning the U.S. air traffic control system could be penetrated by malicious hackers. President Barack Obama emphasized the threat in his first major address on national cybersecurity in 2009. The current air traffic control system remains vulnerable, but more modern aircraft also carry complex navigation and mechanical software, and in the future they will be connected to the air traffic system via new computer networks, making each individual airplane a potential vulnerable target.
The new government and industry information-sharing program is meant to defend “the entire system. It’s the airports, the [air traffic management] system, the supply chain, the airline manufacturers. There are a lot of attack surfaces there,” said Fred Schwien, the director of Homeland Security at Boeing, which is participating in the program.
To bring all sides together, a new information-sharing and analysis center will be built at a Transportation Security Administration facility near Ft. Meade, Md., the headquarters of the National Security Agency and U.S.

Cyber Command, which oversees military computer security. According to a presidential directive, Cyber Command also would be involved in responding to a cyber-attack on any critical infrastructure in the United States, including the air traffic control system.
U.S. officials said the TSA is leading the program in a partnership with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees all American intelligence agencies, and the National Counterterrorism Center, which is currently the hub for information about potential threats to the aviation system from terrorists and hijackers.

Over the next decade, the federal government plans to roll out its so called NextGen system, which promises to reduce congestion in the skies and, hopefully, make air travel more efficient and less expensive. But NextGen will rely on global positioning satellites, which are vulnerable to computer hackers. Two years ago, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin demonstrated that they could commandeer the controls of a remote-piloted drone by tricking it with fake GPS coordinates.

Paul Rosenzweig, a cyber security expert and former Homeland Security official, wrote last year that the hackable GPS system poses a risk for commercial aviation. He said that to prevent against a catastrophe, air traffic controllers would have to use GPS that can recognize when they’re being fooled or that cross-check their position against internal navigations systems that aren’t connected to computer networks.

Need I say anymore?

All such systems have dual use. That is a given!

Please note that the proposed centre to prevent another MH 370 is to be located at a facility near Fort Mead, the Headquarters of NSA and the US Cyber Command.

Can anyone investigating the “disappearance” of MH 370 dare discount that this could be the compelling motive (a more compelling motive than the Freescale scenario) to launch the false flag operation which if I was the leader would codenamed it as “In Plain Sight” for not only would the code-name be appropriate in the circumstances, but more so, for the subsequent intelligence operations would be “Hidden In Plain Sight” in civilian airports!
And if you have been diligent and disciplined and followed my advice to read up on “Operation Northwood”, “Operation Gladio”, the “Lavron Affair” the “Sinking of USS Liberty”, the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” etc. I am sure you would not now accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, and or assert that the real world is not an ugly, evil and treacherous world but a bed of roses.

In peeling the Onion, I have submitted a compelling motive, better than any thus far offered (I stand to be corrected) by well researched and well intentioned analysts and for which I owed a debt of gratitude in that some of their arguments have set me thinking in other directions, one of which is the present deduction and conclusion.

However, we need to peel off more layers of the Onion. We need to identify the Mastermind of this brilliant false flag operation.

And even though one may denounce the operation as unconscionable and an
unforgivable crime, I would not hesitate to call the false flag operation brilliant in concept and highly imaginative in execution. But, I do hesitate to call it the perfect crime.
I take this attitude because I need to be objective and not be moved by bias, prejudice and emotions if I want to solve the “WHO?” in the “disappearance” of MH 370. The Master of this false flag operation is a professional whereas I am a mere amateur and therefore I need to be more diligent and as objective as I can be.

Have I missed any other clues?

Your next move, Master – Hiding in Plain Sight!

1. But, for the need to create public opinion for the acceptance of the new system for global civilian air traffic control and the agreement of governments, I would not have been able to connect the “Motive Link” (as identified aforesaid) to the other links in the Chain of Evidence.
2. Important Note: To avoid any misunderstanding.
In the above analysis, I have stated the primary Objectives/Motive and the immediate and apparent beneficiaries. But, in many false flag operations, there would be more than one party (it could another domestic or foreign party) that have a convergence of interests – the desired outcome but not necessarily similar benefits or to ride “shot-gun” or to “piggy-back” on the operation but have a different targets/objectives altogether. If I may, to borrow the expression, “Killing two birds with one stone”. There are always “primary and secondary objectives” and “primary and secondary targets”. For the purposes of the present analysis I have focus on the primary objective. There are other layers of the onion to peel.
3. I accept that this ‘game’ is not being played on a level-playing field, and that I can never be the equal to the “Master – in Plain Sight” but, only because my colleagues and I do not have the same global resources and reach at our disposal!

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9/11, JFK assassination, holocaust debated at US university

By Kevin Barrett, TruthJihad.com

For the first time in history, an American university is hosting an event questioning the official stories of 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the Nazi holocaust.

The conference, entitled “Academic Freedom: Are There Limits To Inquiry?” is being held today, April 26th, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I will be participating, along with four other current or former professors: James Fetzer (Philosophy of Science), Nicholas Kollerstrom (History of Science), David Robinson (Education) and Winfield Abbe (Physics).

Of the three topics, by far the most contentious is the holocaust. Polls show that about two-thirds of Americans doubt the official version of the JFK assassination, while about one-third are 9/11 skeptics. Most professors who critique the official stories of JFK and 9/11 do not lose their jobs. (I was the unlucky exception; in 2006 I was targeted by a political witch-hunt designed to discourage 9/11 skepticism in the academy.)

But the holocaust is different.

Many Americans who question the official versions of 9/11 and the JFK assassination have contacted me to ask why I would associate with holocaust revisionists. They are afraid that the holocaust issue is so taboo that anyone who comes near it will get lynched.

My answer: That is precisely why I want to participate. The persecution of holocaust revisionists is wrong. People should not have their lives and reputations ruined for doing historical research and reporting their sincerely-held conclusions.

And yet in today’s USA, a scholar who questions the sacred narrative of the Nazi holocaust is committing career suicide. Europe is even worse: Many European countries routinely prosecute and imprison historians who question the holy trinity of the new holocaust religion: Six million Jewish murder victims, millions killed in gas chambers, and an official Nazi policy aimed at exterminating all European Jews.

Did the Germans really murder six million Jews, most of them in gas chambers, as part of an official policy of complete extermination? To even ask the question is heretical in the West.

Yet in Morocco, where I did my Ph.D. research on a Fulbright fellowship, every scholar with whom I discussed the topic sided, to a greater or lesser extent, with the revisionists. Many of these scholars had read dozens of books on the topic. I had read none.

Still, I thought the holocaust revisionists were almost certainly wrong.

Then about five years ago, I read a book purporting to refute the revisionists: Denying History by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman. From this book I learned that the official Auschwitz death total was revised downward from 4 million to 1.5 million in 1989. Yet the official “holocaust” total remained at 6 million. Shermer and Grobman explain that around 1989, at the exact moment that 2.5 million Auschwitz victims disappeared, historians revised upwards the total number of Jews killed by firing squads on the Eastern Front…by precisely 2.5 million. The result: The sacred 6 million figure remained enshrined.

Shermer and Grobman also explained that a thick blue coating of hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) has been found in certain rooms in the Nazi concentration camps. The problem: These rooms are admitted by all historians to have been de-lousing chambers in which clothing and bedding were fumigated to prevent typhus outbreaks. No such “Prussian blue” has been found in any of the ostensible gas chambers. Shermer and Grobman claim that this is because more Zyklon B was necessary to kill lice than to kill people.

Shermer and Grobman (and others who defend the official story) admit that there is relatively little hard forensic evidence that millions were killed in gas chambers. They also admit that there is very little documentary evidence that the Germans launched such an outrageously complex, expensive, ambitious, wasteful, and logistically formidable official program as the attempted total extermination of Europe’s Jews.

The almost-complete lack of documentary evidence for any German extermination plan or program is explained by Raul Hilberg, the father of orthodox holocaust studies, as follows:

“But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. They were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus – mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”

No blueprint? No budget? No plan? The perpetrators failed to communicate with each other using official documents, letters, phone calls, or telegrams, but instead organized the genocide of six million people by ESP?!

Since then I have read three more books and many articles on the subject, about evenly split between supporters and opponents of holocaust orthodoxy. I still do not know nearly enough to have a firm opinion about the veracity of the “holy trinity” of the holocaust religion. But I am convinced that any fair-minded person who takes the trouble to investigate the issue must admit that that the revisionists have a prima facie case that bears investigation.

The holocaust needs to be fearlessly re-opened and re-thought. Challengers to the official version should be encouraged, funded, and turned loose in the archives. Scholars with the latest archeological equipment should swarm the sites of the alleged death camps looking for the mass graves that have thus far eluded discovery. Chemistry experts should follow in the footsteps of Germar Rudolf and Fred Leuchter and do exhaustive chemical analyses of the camps. Perhaps they will confirm the official version; or perhaps they will disprove it.

But the most important issue is not what happened to a small fraction of the 60 million people killed in World War II. The real issue is whether or not we are free to question history.

Cary Nelson, a professor of English here at the University of Illinois and the President of the American Association of University Professors between 2006 and 2012, wants to destroy the academic career of anyone who questions holocaust orthodoxy. In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Does Academic Freedom Protect Holocaust Deniers?” Nelson wrote: “I would not knowingly hire a Holocaust denier or grant one tenure in a discipline to which the Holocaust is relevant.”

Nelson’s article offers no evidence that he knows anything at all about the historical issues under consideration. His long-winded, badly-written essay blows smoke-rings of pretentious obfuscation while kowtowing mindlessly to the official sacred narrative. I doubt he would last thirty seconds in a factual debate with a holocaust revisionist like Nick Kollerstrom.

Kollerstrom, a History of Science Ph.D. with chemistry expertise, had his academic career destroyed by people like Cary Nelson. While teaching at University College London, Kollerstrom published a scholarly article arguing that the chemical evidence does not support the existence of mass-execution gas chambers in the German camps. Shortly thereafter he was summarily fired. No explanation was given. No chance to defend himself was offered. No university official or scholar even tried to critique Kollerstrom’s article or show that there was anything wrong with it.

Kollerstrom’s career – like mine – was burned for heresy.

I do not know whether or not Kollerstrom is right about the holocaust. But I do know that he is the victim of a monstrous injustice.

Why are the holocaust, the JFK assassination, and 9/11 surrounded by the same kind of taboo? Anyone who questions the official version of any of these three critically-important historical events becomes the target of mindless insults: “holocaust denier,” conspiracy theorist,” and so on. Why is that?

In all three cases, there is strong prima facie evidence that the official story is questionable. Perhaps that is why the questions are taboo – because we are afraid of the likely answers.

Such is undeniably the case with the JFK assassination and 9/11. I have studied the evidence at some length – I have overflowing bookshelves devoted to both topics – and I would happily stake my life on the fact (not theory) that both crimes were committed by powerful insiders, not the patsies blamed by the official stories.

The Academic Freedom Conference here at the University of Illinois is breaking new ground by taking up these monumentally important historical questions. If the United States of America ever becomes a genuinely free society, and its scholars are finally allowed to ask the hard questions about history, it will be thanks to the efforts of such unsung heroes as Academic Freedom Conference organizer Stephen Francis.

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Money-laundering probe targets Republican “godfather” Sheldon Adelson

This just in from my recent radio guest Gene “Chip” Tatum! (Literally seconds ago…)  Sheldon Adelson, the ultra-Zionist “Las Vegas godfather” who owns the Republican Party and wants to nuke Iran, is the target of a federal money laundering probe. A key witness, Curtis Pope, is afraid for his life. You read it here first!  -KB

Plight of a Strawman – The Adelson Secret Grand Jury

by Gene “Chip” Tatum, WikiArmy.com

Last year, while I was still in Miami Federal Prison serving 9 months for leaving the country without the courts permission, I was housed next to a very interesting fellow. His name was Curtis. Looking at him, you would have never known who he was, or what he had been involved in. Curtis was attending GED classes during the day in prison. You see, he had never finished high school.

Being neighbors, we would sit and talk in our free time. In prison there is a code. You share your papers. Meaning your document, which shows what you were charged with. A person who claims they have no papers usually indicates they are hiding something,whether it be snitching, pedophile, or other undesirable charges. Well, Curtis and I shared our documents. Mine were not so impressive. It was a simple violation of federal probation by leaving the area. But his papers …now they surprised me.  Looking at him, you would have never guessed who he was or what he had been charged with!  It seems that Curtis was a star!  Well, so to speak. He was charged with laundering 326 million dollars.  That’s right, 326 MILLION!  He was associated with Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, Intabill, Check Cashing and several other enterprises that were run through Vegas, fronting for what I would later find out was Adelson’s off the top shelf businesses. I was shocked when I saw the indictment!

Pope's Family an Friends boarding a jet supplied by Sr. Partner Sheldon Adelson

We remained neighbors, and usually sat and talked when he wasn’t in GED classes. After spending time with him and hearing of the good life provided by his partners, flying him around the country in private jets, housing him in the best suites in the country and overseas, I realized that someone was using Curtis’s naive nature against him. They enlisted him as their Straw Man or Front Man.

Curtis laid out for me the ventures and each of the partners parts in the enterprises. He was comfortable now, as he was soon to be released from federal prison to go to a half-way house in Tampa, and then home to serve a term of federal supervised release (that’s the feds fancy name for probation).  About two weeks before he was to be released, he came to me with tears running down his face. He had no words, just a paper which he handed to me. His attorney had written and advised him that the FBI out of Las Vegas had an Information filed against him for Money Laundering. Now an Information is a document used as the first step in gaining a Grand Jury indictment. The FBI files the Information and the US Attorney takes it to the Grand Jury for the Indictment, which in 98% of the cases is granted. After all, the Grand Jury assumes that if the FBI and U.S. Attorneys office says someone is a bad guy, well then they probably are.

Curtis was told that he is facing a minimum of 25 more years in prison. The attorney further stated that there is the opportunity to avoid prosecution, if you turn federal witness against your former partner.  Curtis wanted my advice. A Secret Grand Jury was to be put in place to investigate his former partner. Well, Curtis Pope is not a healthy man. He lost a portion of his foot to Diabetes, has heart problems and other health issues. Twenty five additional years in a Federal Prison with the lack of healthcare provided was a death warrant. I normally would not advocate testifying for the Feds, but in this case, I did so without explanation.

“NO!”, he said. “I can’t. You don’t understand. The man I told you about and explained his place with us is too important”. “Curtis”, I started… “No!”, he stopped me. “You don’t understand. He will kill me”.

Now, he didn’t know my background, and I questioned his ability to think this out. “Curtis, no one is going to hurt you.”, I began. “You will have protection from the government (as much as it is), and they will not let anything happen to you.”. “No Gene”, he retorted. “He will kill me, my wife, my family, everyone.”. “Damn Curtis”, I said. “Who do you think it is? Bush!”. He looked at me quizzically. “No Gene. It is Sheldon Adelson!  They want me to testify in a secret Grand Jury against Sheldon Adelson”!

DAMN, I thought! (I don’t think I said it out loud).

Days passed and we discussed many options. Finally we had both come to the conclusion that if he had to spend much more time in prison, he would die.

So we decided that when the time came and he was headed to Nevada to testify, I would start publishing information on the internet to heighten awareness of his decision, and to alert the masses that if anything happened to him or his family, Sheldon Adelson was behind it.

Little did I know that I would end up in such a wonderful position to help my unsuspecting friend.

Thanks, Alt Media! Please help get the word out!

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RIP Whistle-Blower Michael Ruppert

By Gary G. Kohls, MD (quoting Sander Hicks at length)

A couple of years ago I was the only person in Duluth’s Zinema theater watching Michael Ruppert’s powerful feature-length documentary film “Collapse”. At the time, the Zinema was still early in its history and very few people even showed up to watch the afternoon video versions of DemocracyNow! that were being screened for free every week day.

(“Collapse” can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeufX6S-Q_s, and is essential viewing and study for anybody who would like to have de-mystified the world’s dysfunctional politics, economics, corporations, etc,)

In “Collapse”, Ruppert powerfully articulated the basic themes of his best-selling book “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” (including the powerful video “The Truth and Lies About 9/11/01” available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQR2z4YCzDw).

The film powerfully asserted that there was an intimate connection between Peak Oil and the realities of 9/11/01. Ruppert’s indictment of the military/industrial/congressional complex at the time were unassailable, and those assertions have held up over the years and his predictions are right on target. “Collapse” affected me deeply, particularly when Ruppert, a hard-boiled ex-LAPD narcotics cop, broke down in tears ( at 61 minutes) over his concern about the future of the planet and his frustration about the lack of action by the criminally inactive and over-privileged powers-that-be in Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Board and every sociopathic multinational corporation you can think of, none of whom have the political will to do the right thing for humanity that could, if they weren’t so greedy and short-sighted, stop the poisoning, exploitation, starvation, militarization and over-population of the planet.

I have had the utmost respect for Ruppert’s investigative journalism, warnings and calls to action ever since I saw “Collapse”.

Ruppert’s courageous whistle-blowing career – which evolved into an equally courageous investigative journalism career – started in Los Angeles as a narcotics officer with the LAPD and ended shortly thereafter when he uncovered and reported CIA drug-running (with complicity from his own police department). Ever since he has been a hated target of the CIA, FBI, Wall Street, the 1% and most of the leaders of US political parties, including all Republicans and the vast majority of Democrats.

One of the most important attributes about Ruppert was that he saw through 9/11/01 before most other skeptics. Within a couple of months after 9/11, Ruppert published and spoke out publicly against the White House’s provably false 9/11 conspiracy theories (ie, the theory that two jet planes and the subsequent low-heat office fires [impossibly] melted scores of massive steel beams at multiple levels and simultaneously pulverized all the concrete and then, equally impossibly, caused the pan-caking, at free fall speeds, of three WTC towers 1, 2 and 7).

Ruppert was the publisher/editor of “From the Wilderness” (www.fromthewilderness.com), a newsletter that has been read in more than 50 countries. Its subscribers included 60-plus members of the US congress during the Bush era, professors at more than 40 universities and major business and economic leaders around the world.

Ruppert’s final radio show, the 4-13-14 edition of “The Lifeboat Hour”, was broadcast just hours before he killed himself with a handgun at a friend’s home in California, leaving behind a number of handwritten notes, including two suicide notes. Even though many whistleblowers of his stature have been victims of homicides that have been staged as suicides, friends have authenticated the notes as his. The last “lifeboat Hour” show can be heard at: http://www.maxkeiser.com/2014/04/mike-ruppert-rip/. His last utterance unaccountably promised that The Lifeboat Hour would be hosted by him in a week.

He chose the following song to be sung as part of the last Lifeboat Hour. I think it has a lot to say about the depth of his spiritual nature and perhaps his lack of hope for the future of humanity and a reason for his ending it all. The last verse goes: Calling all Angels, calling all Angels; We’re trying, we’re hoping, we’re hurting, we’re loving; We’re crying, we’re calling; ‘Cause we’re not sure how this goes.

“Calling All Angels”

– by Jane Siberry
Santa Maria, Santa Teresa, Santa Anna, Santa Susannah
Santa Cecilia, Santa Copelia, Santa Domenica, Mary Angelica
Frater Achad, Frater Pietro, Julianus, Petronilla
Santa, Santos, Miroslaw, Vladimir and all the rest

Oh, a man is placed upon the steps, a baby cries
High above, you can hear the church bells start to ring
And as the heaviness, oh the heaviness, the body settles in
Somewhere you could hear, a mother sing

Then it’s one foot then the other as you step out on the road
Step out on the road, how much weight, how much weight?
Then it’s how long and how far and how many times
Oh, before it’s too late?

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
Walk me through this one, don’t leave me alone
Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
We’re trying, we’re hoping, but we’re not sure how

Oh, and every day you gaze upon the sunset
With such love and intensity
Why, it’s ah, it’s almost as if you could only crack the code
You’d finally understand what this all means

Oh, but if you could, do you think you would
Trade it all, all the pain and suffering?
Oh, but then you would’ve missed the beauty of
The light upon this earth and the sweetness of the leaving

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
Walk me through this one, don’t leave me alone
Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
We’re trying, we’re hoping, but we’re not sure why

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
Walk me through this one, walk me through this one
Don’t leave me alone

Calling all Angels, calling all Angels
We’re trying, we’re hoping, we’re hurting, we’re loving
We’re crying, we’re calling
‘Cause we’re not sure how this goes

Michael Ruppert is as much a whistle-blowing American hero as was Tom Paine, Henry David Thoreau, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Dorothy Day, the Berrigan brothers, Daniel Ellsberg, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, Reverend Kevin Annett, Richard Gage, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, and his messages have been as ignored, feared and viciously attacked as the others. The mainstream media have pointedly – and disgracefully – failed to even report his death, not wanting to draw attention to his unwelcome truths.

Even though Ruppert feared that America’s and the planet’s collapse is inevitable, his urgent pleas deserve our attention now more than ever. Please take his message seriously before it’s too late – and challenge every corporation, every political candidate, every plutocrat and every clergyperson with that message.

Here is a eulogy from a friend of Michael Ruppert, Sander Hicks.

“Mike Ruppert was a friend of mine.

“He was an American prophet, a social critic, and a 9/11 truther. He had his enemies and he had his demons. He confronted the enemies. Not sure he confronted the demons. But we can’t judge that now.

“His death this past weekend is a huge loss for the people. When I say ‘the people’ I mean anyone who cares about a political system out of control, blind to its own corruption, deluded by its sugar-free media.

“Ruppert was a trained investigator who sought to expose the shadow elements of the US government involved in drug trafficking and fake terrorism. He had the financial perception to alert the American people to the imminent economic crash, two years before the meltdown of 2008. Mike Ruppert was one of the first to point out the gross anomalies and obtuse leaps of logic in the Bush/Cheney explanations for the 9/11 attacks. In an authoritative book, Ruppert even accused Vice President Dick Cheney as the chief executor of the 9/11 attacks.

“We met in 1999 in New York City. Ruppert came into my life like a sentinel from a different reality. I had just gone through a kind of gateway, and he was like Morpheus in the Matrix, welcoming me in. My red pill had been the disruptive re-print of a certain controversial biography of then Governor George W. Bush. As an immediate result, an entire class of underground whistle-blowers popped up to welcome me into their world. Welcome to Zion. You are in. They introduced me to sets of facts and data that were verboten in the blue pill media. Ruppert was at the center of that gang.

“He explained that he had been an LAPD cop and narcotics detective. His Mom had been a Defense Intelligence Agency heavyweight in Moscow, so the CIA recruited him while he was at LAPD. He declined the offer. Why? He saw shit. He began feeding the LA Times info on CIA heroin trafficking as far back as 1979. LA Times sat on the story.

“The drug war was phony. Which meant that both the local criminal justice system and the national intelligence/military apparatus had zero credibility. Wall Street, the White House, and everyone on down needed the drug war like a junkie wants heroin. The system was using. The system was an addict.

“The entire economy, and the entire political system itself, is currently hooked and dependent upon drug money” wrote Mike in 1999, on his main site, FromTheWilderness.com

“In the mid 90’s, when Ruppert’s friend Gary Webb broke a huge story in the San José Mercury News, it documented how the CIA and the Nicauraguan Contra network facilitated the crack cocaine epidemic in the 80’s. The CIA sent DCIA John Deutch to spin the story in a public auditorium. Ruppert confronted Deutch and named three specific operations that showed the US agencies were up to their elbows in black market cocaine and heroin. Deutch sputtered, told people to phone the LAPD, and was laughed out of the room. He was swiftly replaced at CIA.

“According to Ruppert, in October, 1999, investigators from the House Intelligence Committee came to Los Angeles, and made copies 6,000 pages of his records.

“That same year, Ruppert asked me for a $10,000 advance to do a book on the US and drugs. I didn’t have the money, and it’s just as well. Two years later 9/11 happened, and Ruppert had a lot more to say.

“It turns out the same parties who pulled off the cocaine sales funding the Contras were at it again. (Those parties being namely, the Bush Family, the GOP, the Democrats, the CIA and other shadowy quasi-government black factions too numerous to list here.)

“The book Ruppert eventually brought out in 2004, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil (New Society Publishers).

“A reviewer on Amazon called it ‘The single most important book written in the last fifty years…. The Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the lies about WMDs in Iraq have created a growing sense of unease in the collective unconscious. As a result, a growing number of intellectuals and every day citizens are beginning to see the Truth and more and more people are beginning to wake up every day. Crossing the Rubicon is at the forefront of this new awareness.’

“At the end of 2004, however, tragedy struck. Ruppert’s friend Gary Webb, who had followed in Ruppert’s footsteps by taking on CIA drug trafficking, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

“Reading Ruppert’s heartfelt obituary for Webb today, I am struck:

“I would never have confronted John Deutch at Locke High had it not been for Gary Webb. 

I myself might have committed suicide in 1996 – broke, divorced and having given up all hope of making people listen — had it not been for Gary Webb. For some years now it has been the farthest thing from my mind.

“Ten years later, suicide wasn’t far away any more. Ruppert’s struggles with depression, [plus a variety of psychiatric drugs, in-patient psychiatric hospitalizations and nicotine addictions over the years – Ed. Note] alcohol, and isolation became insurmountable. He moved to Colorado. He did one final radio show last Saturday and then that was it. We are all so fragile.

“Wherever men and women of honor gather together from now on, your name will be spoken with reverence, respect and gratitude. Ruppert wrote that for Webb ten years ago. The same goes for him.

“I prayed hard today to understand why this happened now. What does God want us to know about why this happened? What can we learn? How can this man’s death and life give our lives a brighter, sharper focus?

“I remember how Ruppert came back into my life a couple times. The time he was travelling through New York and needed a place to crash. I gave him the damp basement offices of Soft Skull Press, down in the bowels of 100 Suffolk Street, and he was happy to sleep there, on the floor. He was a soldier on a mission. Later, he kidded me about having the worst apartment in New York City.

“A few years later, around 2003, Ruppert was drinking beer in a corporate pizza joint in downtown Brooklyn. It was all wrong. Our choice of restaurant, the food, the beer. Ruppert had enjoyed speaking events of 1000 paid attendees, he had bragged from the stage that he had been sober for X number of years. So why drink beer now? He had some murky excuse the exact wording of which is irrelevant.

“I look at Ruppert’s life, his hard struggle, his victories and his short-comings. I wish we were closer in his final couple of years. I loved him. I say the following with love. I say the following because I don’t want to know any more great truth loving writers to die this way. If you have a drinking problem, hit a meeting. Reach out. It worked for me, to stop flailing about, running from city to country to city, always moving, thinking a big move is going to change things. Get centered. Pray and meditate. Be still.

“Something snapped in Ruppert sometime later in that decade, after the book. He moved to Venezuela, in rushed effort to seek political asylum from the Chavez government. Ruppert probably wasn’t anti-imperialist enough for their tastes, at least not in a leftist way. Oh, and the CIA/DIA family background probably didn’t help.

“I wept. I felt rage today. I was mad at you, Mike, going out this way. It was too similar to Gary Webb, to Jim Hatfield the Bush biographer. I don’t want this pattern. Tell me it’s not the fate for writers of deep truth, to die, alone, shooting their brains out, because they went deep and hard after the invisible forces, the slithering stag. The hunter became hunted by the dragon.

“No. Mike will be remembered for his discipline, his writing, his development of a critical paradigm. Our society is stronger for the deep analysis. In the same way that Ruppert investigated Gary Webb’s death, it’s up to us now to do the scientific and careful analysis of the crime scene. To pick up where he left off, and wake up to a new view of the matrix.”

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Secular Anti-Humanists take the pulpit!

by Kevin Barrett, TruthJihad.com

As everyone knows, the mainline liberal churches in America and Europe are in decline. To find out why, I spent last Sunday morning knocking on people’s doors and asking them why they weren’t in church.

After suffering a string of epithets, two lost teeth, a bloody nose, and minor cuts and abrasions from a half-empty beer bottle smashed across my skull, I finally found someone willing to answer the question. “If that wishy-washy watered down anything-goes twaddle they’re peddling is the gospel truth, I’d just as soon nurse my hangover in bed as in a pew,” my neighbor told me before slamming the door in my face.

In a bold attempt to lure back the congregations they’ve lost, some ultra-liberal churches and synagogues are replacing wishy-washy theism with bold, in-your-face atheism. In Madison, Wisconsin, the local Unitarian church has hired an atheist minister. (No, that’s not a joke.) South of Madison, in Lincolnshire, Illinois, The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism explicitly rejects God: “After the Holocaust, it is clear that the meaning of Jewish history is that Jews must be responsible for their own fate.

But now the secular humanist movement is being overtaken by a new competitor: Secular Anti-Humanism.

Just down the street, the Church of Jesus Christ, Secular-Humanist Liberal and Super-Tolerant Nice Guy has closed its doors. The new owner: The First Church of Secular Anti-Humanism.

The secular anti-humanists say they are simply taking the precepts of atheism and secular humanism to their logical conclusions. “Secular humanism is a contradiction in terms,” explains Dirk Boink, founder of the Secular Anti-Humanist Alliance. “If there’s no God, and humanity is just a bunch of selfish, greedy protoplasm that killed and ate and screwed its way up out of the primordial slime in a random and utterly meaningless universe, why in the world would we want to worship this disgusting human creature? On the contrary, we ought to hold it in contempt, fart in its general direction, and generally give it as hard a time as we possibly can.”

But can such a “religion” – however reasonable its precepts – attract adherents? Boink thinks it already has. “Most of the people who claim to be Secular Humanists are actually Secular Anti-Humanists,” he explains. “They protest too much that they love their fellow human beings and all of their productions, claim to be defending human rights as they mass-murder brown-skinned people to steal their resources, and sometimes even devote a small fraction of their net wealth to charity. But deep down inside, they loathe homo sapiens, starting with the one in the mirror. Their  real worldview was beautifully expressed by Charles Schultz: ‘I love mankind. It’s people I can’t stand!’”

But what sort of church services and religious rituals could possibly serve this philosophy?

Boink explains that everybody hankers after ritual – even folks who reject God, despise creation, and loathe humanity. “In fact, those are the people most in need of rituals,” he asserts. “People who can’t stand themselves and other people, and inhabit an utterly meaningless universe, have an even more profound need to experience the kind of rituals and consolations religion provides than religious people do.”

To that end, the First Church of Secular Anti-Humanism offers parishoners a wide array of activities. Upon joining the church, the novice Anti-Humanist is issued a string of rosary beads and a mantra, such as “Life sucks and then you die,” “People suck,” or “Well, I know it is not a great philosophy but….Well, fuck you! I can live my life in my own way if I want to. Fuck off!”

Every Sunday, the not-so-faithful file into the First Church of Secular Anti-Humanism, take their seats in the venerable wooden pews, and listen to an uninspiring sermon on futility. Then they sing “Hymn to the Meaninglessness of Life,” “Lack of Faith Is the Victory,” “Don’t Count Your Blessings, There Aren’t Any,” ”No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus (And He Don’t Care for Me At All),” “The Only Truth Is Entropy,” “Ain’t No God So Why We Here,” “Jesus Doesn’t Love Me (Since He Lived A Long Time Ago If He Ever Existed in the First Place),” and other favorites.

The First Anti-Humanist Church is still struggling to gain adherents–despite celebrity endorsements from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the rotting-corpse-that-never-had-a-soul-or-if-it-did-sold-it-to-the-devil of Christopher Hitchens. But over on the other side of town, the Anti-Humanist Synagogue is doing a booming business. “Jews come naturally to Anti-Humanism,” explains Rabbi Stephen Schivinitzer, founder of the Jewish Anti-Humanist Alliance. “We have a long history of disliking 99% of human beings anyway – the ones who are not Jews, especially if they are Arabs, Muslims, or worst of all, Palestinians. And now, with the new Holocaust religion, most of the world’s Jews have completely lost faith in God and humanity. We’re ready to face the hard truth, aptly described by the first great Anti-Humanist Jew, Leo Strauss, that the world is an evil place, people are evil, and the only way to get ahead is to be more evil than the next guy. That’s why we Anti-Humanist Jews are treating the Palestinians the same way the Nazis treated us. And don’t get me started about how cool 9/11 was.”

Leading Anti-Humanist Jews Michael “enter into evil” Ledeen, Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle, and Sheldon “Nuke Iran and start World War III” Adelson could not be reached for comment.





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A Century of Deceit: World Wars and Zionist Militarism

People keep sending me this article, which quotes me on where the neocons are coming from. It’s a well-documented, thought-provoking essay. -KB

By Brandon Martinez, Press TV

Some studies estimate that close to 1.5 million Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the brutal American invasion and occupation of their country in 2003.[1] Millions more Iraqis have become refugees and orphans with no future prospects for prosperity, sanctity or stability. Most of the critical infrastructure of the country was bombed into rubble and dust. American depleted uranium weapons have caused cancer rates in some Iraqi cities to skyrocket, permanently destroying the genes of future generations of Iraqis who are being born with horrific birth defects and diseases.

The culprits responsible for this genocidal campaign to subdue and enslave the Iraqi people are not the CEOs of American oil companies as some disingenuous commentators on the Left have claimed. President George W. Bush’s foreign policy in the Middle East was not his own nor that of the oil lobby, but was the brainchild of the neoconservative conspirators behind the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and other Zionist-oriented think tanks that dominated the Washington Beltway.

Three of Bush’s principal foreign policy advisors who are widely recognized as the prime movers behind the war in Iraq were neocon ideologues Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz, all of whom have well-documented histories of Israeli partisanship. Perle and Wolfowitz, for instance, were both investigated by the FBI in the 1980s for passing classified defence documents to Israel.[2] Perle was once an employee of the Israeli weapons firm Soltam.[3] Writers for the New York Times described Wolfowitz as one of Israel’s “staunchest allies” in the Bush administration and revealed that Wolfowitz “is friendly with Israel’s generals and diplomats” and that he is “something of a hero to the heavily Jewish neoconservative movement.”[4][5] Feith once ran a law firm in Israel and received an award from the Zionist Organization of America for his “services to Israel and the Jewish people.”[6] The New Yorker revealed that Feith even has a portrait of Zionism’s founder Theodore Herzl hanging on the wall of his home library.[7] It was Feith and his neocon Zionist colleague Abram Shulsky who oversaw the secretive “Office of Special Plans” in the Pentagon where all of the lies about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” were conceived and disseminated.[8]

These Israeli militarists, masquerading as American thinkers, left behind a paper trail that unveiled their true objectives. In 1996, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser — all future Bush administration officials — authored a strategy paper for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli Likud regime entitled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”[9] In the paper, these Zionist hawks advocated an aggressive Israeli foreign policy, calling for the removal of all of Israel’s possible military competitors in the region through force. They spoke of “weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria” and of removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, calling it an “important Israeli strategic objective.” Also on their hit list was Iran, whose influence in the region they hoped to neutralize as well. By eliminating Israel’s external enemies the Zionist neocons were in turn endeavoring to subdue Israel’s internal foes, the indigenous Arab Palestinians who continue to resist Israeli occupation and apartheid.[10]

Meyrav Wurmser, the wife of neocon David Wurmser, confessed that most of the leading neocons are pro-Israel Jews.[11] Gal Beckerman, a writer for the Jewish Forward newspaper, admitted that the ideology of neoconservatism itself was the brainchild of chauvinistic Jewish intellectuals such as Leo Strauss, Irving Kristol and Albert Wohlstetter. “If there is an intellectual movement in America to whose invention Jews can lay sole claim, neoconservatism is it,” Beckerman wrote.[12] Prominent Israeli journalist Ari Shavit said the Iraq war was engineered by a cabal of 25 mostly Jewish neoconservative intellectuals.[13] Famed American-Jewish journalist Carl Bernstein expressed the same view on MSNBC. The Iraq war was launched on a phony pretext by Bush, Cheney and “the Jewish neocons who wanted to remake the world,” Bernstein opined, much to the chagrin of the pro-Zionist host.[14]

The engine driving the Zionist-led neoconservative war machine is “holocaust” mythology. “For those of us who are involved in foreign and defense policy today of my generation,” explained Richard Perle in a BBC interview, “the defining moment of our history was certainly the holocaust.”[15] Douglas Feith often invokes the holocaust to justify his militarism. In a New Yorker profile, Feith asked, “What’s the answer to the Holocaust?” He answered his own question by suggesting that it is not surprising that this alleged event has caused so many Jews to become militant neocons dedicated to aggressive, unyielding warfare against all those who pose a “threat” to Jews and their interests.[16] In a New York Times profile, Paul Wolfowitz spoke of the holocaust as having a profound impact on his worldview.[17] Another neocon ringleader, Michael Ledeen, revealed his obsession with the subject in an article he authored entitled “The New Holocaust.”[18] Political analyst Kevin Barrett observed that the Israelis and their Jewish neocon patrons in Washington “are fanatical extremists who feel that they are being persecuted everywhere they go and that they have to be extremely harsh, unyielding and aggressive, as well as deceptive and violent with the world” in order to ensure their survival.[19] Somehow it doesn’t dawn on them that maybe it is their unscrupulous behaviour that is the cause of hostility towards them in the first place. Obviously introspection is not exactly a Zionist virtue.

The Zionists’ militarist mindset is evidently motivated by the ethnocentric myths of Jewish victimhood. World-conquering Neocon-Zionist belligerence is driven in large part by the religious adherence to the official propaganda of the victors of World War II. Elite Jews played an important role in bringing about the Second World War as the final phase of their plan to establish the state of Israel. The First World War accomplished several things for the Zionists: it freed up Palestine from Ottoman control (the Ottomans previously rejected Zionist offers to purchase Palestine), it fractured the big empires of Europe who could then be manipulated into future conflicts, and lastly it delivered Russia to the Bolsheviks, a majority of whom were Jewish chauvinists hell-bent on the subjugation of that Christian Empire. With Russia now in the hands of Jewish communist extremists and Palestine falling under British dominion, the Zionist plan for Israel was well on its way.

“It has been repeatedly acknowledged by British Statesmen,” wrote Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann in a 1941 letter to British leader Winston Churchill, “that it was the Jews who, in the last [world] war, effectively helped to tip the scales in America in favour of Great Britain. They are keen to do it – and may do it – again.” Wiezmann went on to ask for British assistance in the formation of a “Jewish fighting force” that would be used to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its Arab population. Wiezmann promised Churchill that if the British would help create a Jewish militia to conquer Palestine, he would do his utmost to mobilize American Jewry to exert their influence to draw America into the Second World War on Britain’s side, as they did in the first great war.[20]

Benjamin Freedman, a former top-level Zionist, exposed the machinations of his brethren relating to the First and Second World Wars and the Zionist conquest of Palestine. In a 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., Freedman explained that the United States was “suckered into the [first world] war merely so that the Zionists of the world could obtain Palestine.” Freedman described how Zionist Jews made a secretive deal with the British leadership during World War I promising to bring America into the war in exchange for Palestine. The result of this agreement was the “Balfour Declaration” of 1917, a British government decree that promised to make Palestine into a national homeland for the Jews.[21] Freedman stressed the absurdity that Britain “should offer [Palestine] as coin of the realm to pay the Zionists for bringing the United States into the war.” The Zionists, said Freedman, “have complete control of our government. … The Zionists and their co-religionists rule this United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country.”[22]

In a December 1919 speech in Jerusalem, Chaim Wiezmann boasted about securing the Balfour Declaration from the British government through “persistent propaganda, through unceasing demonstration of the life force of our people.” “We told the responsible authorities: We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not,” Weizmann said. “You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world.”[23] Threatening the world into approving the creation of Israel was part and parcel of the Zionist project from its inception.

In 1903 an early Zionist leader named Max Nordau conspicuously predicted the outbreak of the First World War, which lends credence to the suggestion that a hidden force of Jewish Zionists, Freemasons and bankers are responsible for instigating the conflict for their own purposes. “Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference – where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created,” Nordau told his compatriots at the sixth Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, 11 years before the outbreak of the First World War and 14 years before the British issued the “Balfour Declaration.”[24]

Such predictive powers unveil a plan that was consciously followed and executed during and after World War I. The “peace conference” Nordau envisioned was the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, which resulted in the Treaty of Versailles, a farce that unjustly punished Germany for a war it did not start, thus laying the groundwork for the inevitable outbreak of the Second World War. An international peacekeeping body was established shortly after World War I known as the League of Nations. The League put its stamp of approval on the British seizure of Palestine after the war, an imperial land-grab that had no real legitimacy outside of the self-serving declarations of the political elites, bankers and oligarchs who chaired the League.

The League essentially functioned as a tool of the financial elite and served the geopolitical aspirations of the Zionists. “The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world’s peace,” proclaimed Jewish leader Nahum Sokolow at a Zionist conference in Carlsbad, California, in 1922. “The League has recognized our rights to our ancient home,” he said. “We Jews throughout the world will make the League’s struggle our own and will not rest until there is ultimate victory.”[25]

Even with Palestine now in the palm of their hands, the Zionists still had a problem: convincing Europe’s Jews to leave their lives of luxury and embrace Palestine as their new home. Such a task proved difficult, with only a minority of European Jews strongly identifying with Zionism at this time. This reality sheds a different light on the rise of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism in Germany, which proved very convenient from the Zionists’ perspective. While publicly professing scorn and hatred of Nazism, Zionist Jews secretly initiated a deal with Hitler’s government – the “Transfer Agreement” – which saw the transfer of tens of thousands of German Jews and their assets to Palestine. Lasting from 1933 through 1941, the Nazi-Zionist pact proved crucial to the future establishment of the Zionist state. The large amounts of capital and agricultural equipment that was shipped into Palestine by way of this agreement substantially contributed to the creation of Israel. “Through this pact, Hitler’s Third Reich did more than any other government during the 1930s to support Jewish development in Palestine,” opined historian Mark Weber in his article titled “Zionism and the Third Reich.” “[D]uring the 1930s no nation did more to substantively further Jewish-Zionist goals than Hitler’s Germany,” says Weber.[26]

Still, the Transfer Agreement alone did not produce the amount of Jewish emigration necessary to form an exclusivist Jewish ethno-state in Palestine, as the Zionists intended all along. There simply were not enough Jews in Palestine that would be required to replace the expelled Arabs and keep them at bay. Not only that, but there was still not enough global support or sympathy for the creation of a state for Jews. Since the dawn of Zionism in the late 1800s, Jewish-Zionist ideologues had been ravenously promoting the story of “six million” persecuted and oppressed Jews. “We Jews need a homeland of our own because we are persecuted wherever we go” was the traditional Zionist argumentation. But the First World War did not produce the circumstances needed to foist this propaganda on the world. Jews were not singled out for persecution or mistreatment by any belligerent in that war, which is why the Zionists, following the dictates of their founder Theodore Herzl, deliberately aided and abetted Hitler’s forces to corral their fellow Jews into ghettos and concentration camps during the Second World War.

Herzl, in his diaries, advocated making use of “anti-Semitism” to spur Jewish emigration to Palestine. “It would be an excellent idea to call in respectable, accredited anti-Semites as liquidators of [Jewish] property,” he wrote. “The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies. … I have already told you that we want to let respectable anti-Semites participate in our project, respecting their independence which is valuable to us—as a sort of people’s control authority.”[27] Did Hitler not carry out Herzl’s exact mandate? It must be pointed out that Hitler’s “final solution of the Jewish question” was the same procedure outlined by Zionists decades earlier: sequestering all Jews into a single state, isolated from other nations. “The final solution of the Jewish question lies therefore in the establishment of the Jewish State,” said the 1897 manifesto of a German-Zionist group.[28] In an 1899 letter, Theodore Herzl asked the Russian Czar if he would hear out his “Zionist plan for the final solution of the Jewish Question.”[29] In 1936, the Jewish nationalist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky laid out what the Zionist plan would ultimately entail: “It is not our task to establish in Palestine a home for selected people, not even a state for a small portion of our people. The aim of our efforts is to organize a systematic massive Jewish evacuation from all the countries in which they live.”[30]

“The transfer of millions of Jews to their homeland [Palestine] will save the European Jewry from extermination,” declared Jabotinsky in 1940, adding, “Evacuation of the Jewish masses is the only cure for the Jewish catastrophe.”[31] The “extermination” Jabotinsky spoke of was not happening, but that didn’t stop Zionist propagandists from disseminating reckless atrocity stories of systematic genocide in order to win the world over to the Zionist cause. Legends of human soap, skin lampshades, shrunken heads, electric shock chambers, gas chambers and other absurdities were trumpeted from the rooftops by Zionists and their controlled press.

Jewish leaders made numerous public pronouncements designed to provoke Hitler, hoping he would unleash his fury upon Europe’s Jews, and with the help of Organized Zionism spur them to make their way to Palestine. For instance, Organized Jewry made a declaration of war against Germany in March 1933, before Hitler took any serious measures restricting the rights of German Jews. “Judea Declares War on Germany: Jews of All the World Unite in Action,” read the headline of the March 24, 1933, edition of Britain’s Daily Express. The corresponding article declared a Jewish “holy war against Germany.” “The Israeli people around the world,” the article continued, “declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany.”[32] A year later Jabotinsky made a similarly bellicose pronouncement, stating:

“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany.”[33]

As the war drew near, Chaim Weizmann did everything in his power to invite definite reprisals against Jews from Hitler’s regime. In a 1939 letter to British leader Neville Chamberlain, Weizmann declared that “the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies.”[34] Weizmann and his Zionist colleagues made many public statements to that effect, which Hitler referenced in a July 1942 speech.[35] In 1941, an American Jew named Theodore Kaufman made an even more brazen effort to deliberately provoke hostility towards Jews. He authored and published a book advocating the genocide of the whole German people by way of a forced sterilization program. Kaufman’s text, titled Germany Must Perish!, outlined “a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people.”[36] A map illustrating the possible territorial break-up of Germany and the “apportionment of her lands” was also found in the book. “Germany must perish forever from this earth!” Kaufman declared, calling for “a final solution” of German extinction. Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was well aware of Kaufman’s hateful screed, and widely distributed it in Germany to bolster his case of a Jewish conspiracy against his country.

Zionist leaders and activists gave Hitler more than enough ammunition to justify interning Jews in camps as a security threat to Germany. The American and Canadian governments imprisoned Japanese, German and Italian citizens in camps during the war with a far weaker rationale. Japanese, German and Italian citizens of the US and Canada had not declared a “holy war” against their adopted countries, but were interned nonetheless. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that these Zionist provocations were a cleverly calculated ruse intended to create an atmosphere in Europe conducive to the Zionist transfer plan. Without the uprooting process initiated by the National Socialists and their Zionist assistants, it is unlikely that any large amount of European Jews would have voluntarily left Europe for an uncertain future in Palestine.

Some Jewish casualties in a devastating war that took tens of millions of lives was inevitable and very much desired by the Zionist leaders seeking a pretext to invade and conquer Palestine for Jewish colonization. “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism,” declared Rabbi Stephen S. Wise at a meeting of Zionists in New York in 1900.[37] In 1906, a German-Jewish philanthropist named Dr. Paul Nathan publicized the notion that the Russian government had initiated a policy of exterminating its Jews as a “solution” to the “Jewish question” and that six million were in grave danger.[38] Max Nordau, the Zionist leader who predicted World War I, invoked the story of six million persecuted Jews in 1899, 1911 and 1920.[39] At a Zionist conference in 1911, Nordau warned that it was only a matter of time before six million Jews would be “annihilated” by European governments.[40]

This familiar narrative was repeatedly advanced a few dozen times before, during and after World War I.[41] A most interesting example is from October 1919 when the American Hebrew publication carried an alarmist story headlined “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop” which alleged that “six million Jewish men and women” were on the brink of a “holocaust of human life.”[42] A New York Times report from the same year headlined “Ukrainian Jews Aim To Stop Pogroms” alleged that six million Jews in the Ukraine and Poland were being targeted in pogroms and massacres.[43] Another report from 1921 titled “Begs America Save 6,000,000 In Russia,” also from the New York Times, said, “Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre.”[44]

As the Second World War approached, Zionists amplified their atrocity propaganda. In 1936, Chaim Weizmann told a British Commission that “six million Jews” in Europe had “neither hope nor future save in the land of Israel.”[45] In 1940, World Jewish Congress chairman Nahum Goldmann proclaimed that if the German National Socialists achieved victory in the war “6,000,000 Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction.”[46] Amazingly, Zionist newspapers betrayed the pre-meditated and fraudulent nature of the six million myth by proclaiming precisely six million Jewish victims six months before the end of the war.[47] Soviet-Jewish war propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg told his readers that “the world now knows that Germany has killed six million Jews” in March of 1945, two months before the end of hostilities and long before any accurate statistical data of war casualties would become available.[48] “At that time, no demographic figures could have been available to [Ehrenburg],” writes Germar Rudolf in the preface of The First Holocaust. “Just a year later,” Rudolf continues, “British Historian David Irving emphasized that as early as June 1945, in other words immediately after the end of hostilities in Europe, some Zionist leaders claimed to be able to provide the precise number of Jewish victims – six million, of course – even though the chaos reigning in Europe at that time rendered any demographic studies impossible.”[49]

In an effort to whitewash their own egregious war crimes, the Allied Powers went along with the Zionists’ pre-meditated fictional account of six million dead Jews. At the post-war Nuremberg trials, an Allied-run kangaroo court staffed to the brim by Zionist Jews and their Allied lackeys, the truth was buried underneath a tidal wave of falsehoods. The Zionist motives for the war itself were purposefully obscured and a cartoonish propaganda narrative of “Nazi evil” was foisted upon the world to advance the victors’ post-war aims for Europe and accelerate the Zionists’ ambitions for a Jewish ethno-state in Palestine. American Senator Thomas Dodd, who was a chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials in 1945, revealed in a letter to his wife that the staff at Nuremberg was about 75 per cent Jewish. “Now my point is that the Jews should stay away from this trial — for their own sake,” Dodd wrote in the letter, adding, “For … the charge ‘a war for the Jews’ is still being made and in the post-war years it will be made again and again. The too large percentage of Jewish men and women here [at Nuremberg] will be cited as proof of this charge.”[50]

When the Soviet Union and its communist satellites in Eastern Europe collapsed in 1991, so did the myth of the six million. The Soviet lie of four million deaths at Auschwitz – a monstrous exaggeration accepted as ‘fact’ for decades — was officially reduced to around one million, but revisionist historians doubt even that figure. Revisionist scholarship has determined that somewhere between 100-150 thousand people perished in Auschwitz mainly as a result of disease and starvation, which was not a deliberate act on the part of the Germans but rather the outcome of Allied carpet-bombing of Germany’s infrastructure.[51] For years Zionist propagandists claimed several million Jews had been killed by the Germans at the Mauthausen and Majdanek concentration camps, but recent official revisions place the Jewish death totals there at 74,000 combined.[52] Despite the vast lowering of the death figures at many major camps, Zionists and those they have convinced through incessant propaganda still repeat the erroneous six million number as fact.

Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein outlined Zionist deceptions vis-à-vis the orthodox holocaust narrative in his book The Holocaust Industry.[53] Finkelstein observes that a dogma has been fashioned around the “holocaust” by the Jewish-Zionist establishment as a means of thought control. Shielding Israel from criticism and rebuke, Finkelstein argues, is a primary motivation behind the ceaseless promotion of holocaust mythology, in addition to Zionist shakedowns for reparations money from Germany. This profitable industry is bolstered by the Hollywood entertainment establishment which is “totally run by Jews” according to the Jewish Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein.[54] Not only does the holocaust dogma provide Zionist Jews with psychological cover to commit heinous crimes against the Palestinians and mask them under a façade of victimhood, but it also acts as a perpetual pretext for wars that serve Israel’s interests, such as the war in Iraq.

Gilad Sharon, the son of Israeli war criminal politician Ariel Sharon, vividly unveiled the bloodthirsty and bellicose nature of Zionism in a 2012 op-ed for the Jerusalem Post. Calling openly for the genocidal carpet-bombing of Gaza, Sharon declared: “We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”[55] Sharon’s remarks are not the ravings of a fringe lunatic — they are completely consistent with the teachings of the pioneers of Zionist ideology, like Dr. David Wolffsohn, the late World Zionist Organization chairman, who told a meeting of Zionists in 1907 that Jews must put aside their differences and unite to “conquer the world.”[56] Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of the Revisionist strain of Zionism, said candidly, “We want a Jewish Empire.”[57] Zionism is a “death-crazed narcissistic cult,” said Rich Siegel, a former Zionist who saw the light.[58] The inhuman precepts of the Jewish supremacist mentality that is so prevalent in Israel today can only result in more violence and bloodshed, more misery and suffering for the Palestinians and Arabs in general.

While the West bears much shame and responsibility for aiding and abetting the Zionist project and all of its murderous and destructive consequences, bringing history into accordance with the facts is one way to uplift the Palestinians whose struggle for freedom and justice goes on.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

Brandon Martinez is a freelance writer and journalist from Canada whose areas of expertise are foreign policy, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. His writing is focused on issues such as Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. His articles have appeared on Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Whatsupic and other alternative media outlets. Readers can contact him at martinezperspective@hotmail.com or visit his blog at https://martinezperspective.wordpress.com.

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