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My email to Michael Lerner

On 2015-10-13 15:33:56, kbarrett wrote:
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As a bonus to TruthJihad.com members I am going to start putting "private" communications here in the "Private Blog" section. The information posted here is only for TruthJihad.com members. Please do not spread it beyond the confines of this community. Thanks! So here, for your eyes only, is my response to Rabbi Michael Lerner's latest mass email asking for money.

The back story: Rabbi Lerner is a contributor to the book I edited We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo. He has been repeatedly harassed by Zionist trolls for appearing in my "anti-Semitic conspiracy book." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/05/adl-charlie/ Feeling the heat, he said he was "misled" and "regretted" contributing to the book. Then when I proved to him he had not been misled, he apologized to me. http://www.veteranstoday.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=362726&action=edit But later, harassed by more trolls, he retracted his invitation to me to visit him at his house.

Here is my email to Rabbi Lerner, sent this morning:

Dear Rabbi Lerner,

As you know I have always supported you. But support is a two-way street.

Since you disinvited me from your house based on an email from a likely cointelpro provocateur, I think you at least owe me a close reading and review of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11. (You should have received a copy at least a month ago).

If you read the book, examine the evidence, and still believe that the Charlie Hebdo shootings were not a false flag, please write a thoughtful and detailed review, explaining why the major items of evidence cited in the book are not convincing. If your arguments are sound, you could convince me and other contributors to re-think our positions and possibly even issue a retraction. On the other hand, you might discover, through an honest reading and investigation, that the majority of contributors are probably right - a possibility that you seem to have dismissed out of hand, without any consideration of the evidence, in your previous statements.


Kevin Barrett

PS You have a standing invitation to visit my house here in Wisconsin any time. Just let us know you?re coming and we will fix you a sumptuous Moroccan feast.

Top secret! (What I'm up to)

On 2015-01-29 04:29:17, kbarrett wrote:
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"Keep smiling! It makes people wonder what you're up to." I saw that slogan on an Ashley Brilliant card when I was a kid, and it made me smile, and then smile harder when I realized I couldn't stop smiling?and when my family saw me and asked me what I was up to, I smiled even harder, so hard I was afraid I might disappear like the Cheshire Cat leaving behind nothing but a smile.

So in case anybody out there is wondering what I'm up to (and I'm sure several intelligence agencies are, which means that, let's see, if seven intel agencies have to subscribe to TruthJihad.com to find out what I'm up to, that's 7 times $3.95 per month, enough for a weekly cup of coffee and then some) I'm going to spill the beans right here at the Private Blog.

Today's big secret is that I'm working on a Charlie Hebdo book project with a bunch of famous French intellectuals and comedians - I mean, comedian (you probably know which one I'm talking about) to be published by a major publishing house, major in the conspiracy world anyway. I won't tell you which publisher, but I'll give you a clue: It's located very close to a patch of wide-open desert where Steven Greer leads meet-your-friendly-neighborhood-alien expeditions.

Another big secret: My next two articles, assuming I finish them before something more compelling comes along, are on (1) comparing the Saudi and Iranian leadership - Saudi geezer dies leaving helm of state to other geezers, while Iranian Leader reaches out to Western youth - and (2) 9/11 truther Pete Carroll, by far the best NFL coach, is poised to win another 9/11 Truth Super Bowl.

OK, that's enough top secret stuff for one blog entry. If you need more state secrets, go pester Gordon Duff. But if he shows you the documents he's going to have to kill you.

Format change

On 2015-01-26 20:19:01, kbarrett wrote:
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Until today I've been posting the names of bumper music songs & artists here. But that seems repetitious and redundant. So from now on I'm going to post all information on each new show, including url, passwords & bumper music, at the "Wall."

So what good is this "Private Blog" then? Don't ask me. Ask my webmaster Eric Sayward of We Are Change Wisconsin. He's the one who came up with this website design.

I guess I'll just post stuff here that's specifically addressed to the Truth Jihad community. Informal chit chat, writing that's too incendiary to post openly on the web, secret coded messages to the thousands of truth terrorist agents I've planted in every government, corporation or bureaucracy on earth?that sort of thing.

Speaking of Eric the webmaster, I drove up to LaCrosse to visit him a few days ago. He and some of his friends in that area are devastated by the death of David Crowley and family. I talked to people who were close to David (including Eric) and some of them mentioned details about the case that have not been made public, and that add to suspicions of foul play.

While we were there Eric made me watch Vinnie Paz's "End of Days" video. I'd heard the song but hadn't seen the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4rWENtZKEA Reminded of this great song, I decided to use it as the exit track for today's interview with Hugh Akins, who says we are indeed in the End of Days.

Persecuted writer-editor Arthur Topham: "Zionists assault free speech"

On 2015-01-20 18:28:41, kbarrett wrote:
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password for January: freedom

intro: Public Enemy, "Fight the Power"
exit: NOFX, "Wolves in Wolves Clothing"

"Act of State" killed MLK?and other songs of truth by Vic Sadot

On 2015-01-18 17:44:50, kbarrett wrote:
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January password: freedom

Featured songs by Vic Sadot include:

"An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King"

"Ballad of William Rodriguez"

"Cheney's in the Bunker"

"Ballad of Mohammed Atta"

"Trouble in the Rubble"

"Full Spectrum Dominance"

Ex-BBC researcher Tony Gosling on Charlie Hebdo, Gladio, & other false flags

On 2015-01-16 15:27:48, kbarrett wrote:
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password: freedom

intro: Vacuum, "Illuminati"
exit: The Bergerfolk, "Masters of War"

Gordon Duff on Charlie Hebdo hoax; John Whitehead on ?enslaved by technology?

On 2015-01-12 22:10:40, kbarrett wrote:
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password: freedom (will be the same till the end of the month)

intro: The Coasters, "Charlie Brown"
exit: World Inferno Friendship Society, "Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK"

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on NWO, UFOs

On 2015-01-12 00:13:56, kbarrett wrote:
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music: MC5, "Starship"


password for January is: freedom (case sensitive)

Use it for this and all the rest of the archived shows in January; from now on we will have just one password for all of the shows in a month.

We will be changing the download password in February. For now it will remain: Free99fall
username is still KBmembers

Download instructions:


Enter username: KBmembers (case sensitive)
Enter password: Free99fall (case sensitive)

You will then see a page where you can
listen by doubleclicking the file name;
download by right clicking the filename then go save as

The filenames themselves tell you what the shows are and the date of broadcast.

Paleo-Catholic freedom fighter Martin Hill; Deconstructing "whiteness" w/Cynthia McKinney and Jeffrey Perry

On 2015-01-10 18:22:05, kbarrett wrote:
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password: freedom

Kevin beheads islamophobes; Rodney Shakespeare on Paris "Charlie Hebdo" shooting

On 2015-01-08 02:38:23, kbarrett wrote:
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password: Paris

bumper music: 100 Spectacular Sound Effects, "Rotary Dial Telephone"

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