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Banned in Berkeley?!

On 2016-09-09 21:12:02, kbarrett wrote:
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While at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland, CA I learned that someone involved with the Unitarians in Berkeley is trying to get my October 16th speech there canceled. Here is my letter to their board (office@bfuu.org).

To the BFUU Board,

It has come to my attention that someone is trying to prevent me from returning to speak at BFUU, where I gave a very well-received talk last year.

Since 2006, when I was forced out of the University of Wisconsin by Republican politicians, I have been attempting to bring together people from different backgrounds, especially religious people, to question the so-called ?war on terror.? As an American Muslim, I am especially concerned that the Muslim-majority perspective on the ?war on terror? has been completely suppressed from mainstream media and even most alternative media. The majority of the world?s Muslims believe that the ?war on terror? is a hoax, being in fact a disguised war on Islam and Muslims, and that it was launched by a false flag attack committed not by ?radical Muslims,? but by the enemies of Islam and Muslims, on September 11th, 2001. Likewise, most if not all of the high-profile ?al-Qaeda? and ?ISIS? related attacks in the West are believed by most Muslims, including myself, to have been likely false flag events designed to legitimize the continuing murder of millions of Muslims all over the world. (Most of the 55 leading public intellectuals represented in my recent False Flag Trilogy agree with me, and cite facts to support their views.)

Unlike most of my fellow American Muslims, I have not been terrorized into silence. Yet everywhere I go, people attempt to silence me, slandering me and falsely attributing to me all sorts of views that I do not hold. They apparently are afraid of what will happen if ordinary Americans are ever exposed to the Muslim-majority view of the ?war on terror.?

Are the people of your social-justice-oriented congregation in Berkeley, home of the free speech movement, really afraid to hear what Muslims really think about the ?war on terror?? I find that hard to believe, given the warm reception I received last year at BFUU.

I would be happy to answer any questions about my work by email, Skype, or telephone. Feel free to email me any time, and we can set up a time to talk.


Kevin Barrett
Skype: DrKevinBarrett



False Flag Trilogy:

Middle East Affairs and Islamic Studies expert guest at Press TV, Al-Alam, Al-Etejah, Russia Today, etc.

Private! My emails with Daily Beast reporter

On 2016-08-18 22:03:39, kbarrett wrote:
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This is for Truth Jihad subscribers' eyes only - please do not post or share.

Dear Mr. Barrett,

I?m a reporter with The Daily Beast and I was interested in seeing what you thought of Mr. Baraka. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks so much!


Gideon Resnick

Hello Gideon,
I would be happy to talk.
Feel free to send your number.
I am on vacation and my internet is dicey, but you can try me on Skype: DrKevinBarrett

"Thanks so much. Was just wondering for now what you thought of Mr. Baraka and what it?s like to work with him."

Dear Gideon Resnick,

Ajamu Baraka is one of America?s leading public intellectuals. He is a terrific radio guest, always insightful and well-informed. His essay "The Paris Attacks and the White Lives Matter Movement,? published in my edited volume ANOTHER French False Flag, is brilliant and apropos.

Ajamu Baraka's critiques of the Obama presidency have been among the most important political commentaries of the past eight years. The world would be a much better place if Ajamu Baraka rather than Barak Obama had been America?s first African-American president.

The witch-hunt against him due to his appearing in my book is ludicrous and libelous, for several reasons. First, I have never denied any of the key ?official facts? of the holocaust, much less the holocaust itself; I simply support free speech and free inquiry on ALL historical issues. Second, Ajamu Baraka ?never knew that I was a holocaust denier? because I am not one; nor did he have any way of knowing what my views on that, or thousands of other issues, might be. He should be held accountable for his own words, not for words or ideas attributed (whether falsely or accurately) to me.

You would serve your profession and your conscience well to point this out in any article you write.


Kevin Barrett

"Thanks so much. What do you mean about free inquiry as it relates to the Holocaust?"

I don?t think people should be sent to prison, or have their careers destroyed, for doing revisionist historiography on that issue, or any other issue. On the contrary, I think people who challenge official versions of history should be welcomed, and their challenges should be very carefully ?sifted and winnowed? without allowing our preconceptions to weigh too heavily on our judgments.

Since I was forced out of the University of Wisconsin for my own revisionist work on 9/11 http://news.wisc.edu/archive/barrettissue/ I have been doing alternative journalism focusing on the most important issues where revisionist challenges to orthodoxy could be important. Though the holocaust debate has been way, way down my list of concerns, the fact that it is the only issue protected from free inquiry by imprisonment of dissident voices is extremely troubling. Surely journalists, who demand the right to speak, write, and think freely for themselves, should be rallying in the defense of people imprisoned for expressing their views of historical issues! Where is the outrage?!

"Do you think that in your conversations with Mr. Baraka that he views MH17 as a false flag?"

No, I don?t think he feels certain about that. But he is aware that there have been false flags and cointelpro-style deceptions in the past, so he sensibly is open to that possibility when suspicious events like the MH17 downing occur. And he is courageous and honest enough to discuss such matters. I wish more mainstream journalists were as knowledgable, ethical, and open-minded.

AND THEN THE ARTICLE APPEARED AT http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/08/17/the-wild-beliefs-of-ajamu-baraka-jill-stein-s-green-party-running-mate.html

Hello Gideon,

Based on my extensive experience with ?smear the ?conspiracy theorist?? stories, I would give you an A- on this one. (To earn an A+ you would have to really break the mold, which probably wouldn?t have pleased your bosses.)

So?keep up the (relatively) good work!


PS Long version: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/08/17/beast/

Kevin, thanks. Had no intention of smearing either of you. Just that you guys believe in some things that are outside the mainstream. Thanks for your time.



OK, best wishes, and please do keep looking at ?outside the mainstream? stuff - though Newsweek said 9/11 truth was ?mainstream? way back in 2006, so I?m not sure if that qualifies ; - )

Interview with Kayhan newspaper

On 2016-07-31 12:29:06, kbarrett wrote:
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Q: Do you believe Islam as religion is responsible for such a terrorist attacks ? Are Germany leaders responsible for these attacks by not fighting against Daesh seriously?

A: Most terrorist acts in the West are not attributed to extremist Muslims. In the US, radical Muslims are blamed for only six percent of terrorist attacks, while radical Jews are blamed for seven percent, and radical leftists and hispanics for far more. http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/01/not-all-terrorists-are-muslims/ In Europe, 99% of terrorist attacks are not attributed to Muslims. http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/01/terrorism-in-europe/

The so-called Islamic terrorism problem, to the extent that it exists (mainly in the media, not in reality) is an artificial creation of Western intelligence agencies, primarily the Israeli Mossad. Western governments, led by the Zionists, and working with the Saudis and other regional allies, have created and funded extremist movements and terror groups. These groups are used to fight against and destabilize the enemies of the US and Israel. For example, al-Qaeda was created by the CIA and their Saudi allies to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The CIA and its al-Qaeda mercenaries also overthrew the government of Libya.

ISIS, like al-Qaeda, is a CIA-Mossad creation. Its primary purpose is to destabilize Syria and Iraq and spread Sunni vs. Shia conflict, but it also serves Western and Zionist interests by creating massive negative publicity for Islam, and turning the Western public in favor of military intervention and attacks against Muslim-majority countries.

Q: why do immigrants do deadly attacks with axe and guns in west particularly Germany?what is their problem and what are they demanding?

A: Whenever we see a headline about a terror attack linked to Islam, we should assume that Western intelligence agencies created the incident precisely to generate those very headlines. It is very easy for people with access to mind-control technology to program their victim(s) to commit an axe attack or a mass shooting or suicide bombing. As far back as 1960, the CIA gained near complete control over the human mind, with the ability to program a ?Manchurian candidate? assassin or terrorist using drugs and hypnosis. I first learned about this in the mid-1970s through the Rockefeller Commission hearings into CIA abuses. Unfortunately the perpetrators were never prosecuted; George W. Bush was appointed to head the CIA, cover up all these scandals, and allow the perpetrators to continue and expand their activities. The Israelis, of course, have pushed such research even further. The end result is today?s Gladio B false flag terrorism project, which is responsible for virtually all of the so-called Islamic terrorism in the West today. Based on the original Gladio program, which created a wave of false flag terrorism blamed on leftists during the Cold War, the new Gladio B false flag terror program is primarily run by Israel and its agents. Its purpose is to create and maintain a ?Clash of Civilizations? pitting the West against Islam for the benefit of Israel.

Israeli agents have been pre-positioned to film several recent high-profile terrorist attacks in Europe. Israelis were pre-positioned on a balcony to film the Charlie Hebdo terrorists fleeing. They had access to the Bataclan nightclub and disseminated the horrific *blood heart* photo to the world in the wake of the November 13th Paris attacks. They were pre-positioned at the Brussels Airport to film the bombing there. Israeli agent Richard Guthjahr was pre-positioned in Nice to film the truck BEFORE it began running over people, and then turned up again in Munich to film the shopping mall shooting last week. All of this recalls how the ?Dancing Israelis? and the Israeli agent Naudet brothers were pre-positioned to film the 9/11 attacks.

All of these terror events are public relations stunts orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad and its NATO ?Operation Gladio? assets. The evidence proving this is collected in my three books: We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo (soon to be published in Farsi); ANOTHER French False Flag; and the new book being published this week, Orlando False Flag.




Q and A with a listener

On 2016-07-19 15:04:28, kbarrett wrote:
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Q. for Dr. Barrett

If the powers that be really want to make Islam look bad in a clash with the west - and if most if not all terrorist attacks are some sort of spy agency operation - then why are practically all alleged terrorists these hopeless, petty criminal pot smoking bisexual nihilistic postmodern bums? Why not make them pious Muslims who pray 4 times a day and are well known at the Mosque?


Dear W.S.,

Excellent question.

Three possible answers:

1) It is easier to capture and brainwash loners, petty criminals and bums, especially bisexual ones, since the brainwasher establishes a dominant sexual relationship with them (as David Ferrie did with Oswald, etc. etc.) Nobody cares about such people, so nobody notices that they have been captured and brainwashed.

2) The intel agencies are staffed by people who are themselves hopeless, nihilistic postmodern bums who are too lazy to do their jobs properly.

3) It doesnt matter who they frame as the patsy. They could frame the holy sanctified corpse of Mother Theresa and the Zio media would STILL report it as a "radical Islamic extremist attack."


Transcript of two-minute radio spot that will play next Wed. on WORT-FM Madison WI

On 2016-07-01 14:17:49, kbarrett wrote:
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Hi, I?m Kevin Barrett of TruthJihad.com.

When I heard there was a shooting in Orlando, blamed on on a supposed radical Muslim who turned out to be gay himself, except the FBI doesn?t want you to know that, who supposedly killed fifty people and wounded even more with only a couple of hundred rounds in a highly improbable feat of shooting, I said: This looks like yet another Operation Gladio false flag.

Sure enough, we learned that several witnesses reported multiple shooters, and an audio tape PROVES multiple shooters. We learned that Omar Mateen worked for the notorious CIA-linked mercenary outfit G4S AKA Wackenhut and appears to have been an FBI informant as well.

And then a man named James Howell turned himself in to Santa Monica police, saying he and Omar Mateen had been trained by the CIA to stage two near-simultaneous attacks on gay events. Now Howell has disappeared into the maw of the FBI.

Can you handle the truth about the so-called war on terror? If so, please come to the E.D. Locke Public Library in McFarland Wisconsin this coming Thursday, July 7th at 6:30 p.m. Christopher Bollyn, author of Solving 9/11, will explain who is REALLY behind all those terrible, terrifying terror events that are stampeding us into wars, shredding our civil liberties, and (gasp) maybe even electing Donald Trump as President of the United States?! This is Kevin Barrett of TruthJihad.com saying, Please wake up before it?s too late so we can rise up and stop this madness. E.D. Locke Public Library in McFarland Wisconsin this coming Thursday, July 7th at 6:30 p.m.

Interview with Kayhan newspaper

On 2016-06-28 00:52:35, kbarrett wrote:
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Dear Kevin
It is Hassan from Kayhan newspaper ,the oldest and most influential newspaper in Iran.
I hope this email finds you well.
I Have two questions for you regarding Brexit ;

1)Obama said in press conference with his British counterpart that U.K should go to the back of the queue for trade with U.S if they leave E.U.How does separation of U.K from E.U affect to the political and economical ties of U.S and U.K in your point of view?

Answer: Depending on how British leadership responds, there is a significant chance of deterioration in US-UK relations. A key factor is the looming Sino-British strategic partnership. In October 2015 Chinese President Xi visited London and set the stage for a new era in which China and Britain could work together to turn the global banking system in a new direction. Additionally Britain has signaled its acceptance of the Chinese Communist government, the first time a Western country has done this. The US is reportedly displeased with the arrangement. So we could see the UK step back from its traditional role as junior partner to the US and play a more independent role in world affairs. This is one more sign that the US empire is eroding, and a multipolar world system emerging.

2)Scottish have just asked for the second independence referendum immediately after the Exit.How does Brexit lead to the divergence of whole U.K ?

Answer: The Scottish people are likely to vote for independence. The majority of Scots did not wish to leave the EU, and now the Scottish independence movement has been revived. Scotland?s likely secession from the UK will be one more nail in the coffin of the unipolar world system, since it will downgrade the UK as a world power and intensify the intensifying centrifugal tendencies pushing the world towards a new, multipolar system.

New interview with Quds News Agency on Saudi-UN scandal

On 2016-06-09 15:13:48, kbarrett wrote:
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1- How and why significant was putting the Saudi Arabia in the Black List of Children?s Right Violators?

Saudia Arabia is responsible for the deaths of many hundreds, perhaps thousands of children with its indiscriminate bombing of Yemen, including dropping illegal cluster bombs on civilians. A UN human rights report called ?Children and Armed Conflict? found that Saudi Arabia was responsible for the majority of childrens? deaths in the Yemen war. Additionally, it is primarily Saudi bombing that has destroyed the civilian infrastructure of Yemen, preventing civilian access to fresh water, food, shelter and electricity ? life-support systems vital to the well-being of children. What?s more, Saudi support for Daesh in Iraq and Syria has led to widespread atrocities whose victims include children. Child rapes and forced marriages of children are among those atrocities. Obviously Saudi Arabia belongs on the blacklist of children?s rights violators.

2- What made the drop of Saudis from blacklist possible? Some Rights activist, like Philippe Bolopion, Human Rights Watch's deputy director for global advocacy, called this action ?naked politicization?. How do you think about it?

As usual, the Saudis are using their vast unearned oil wealth to bribe the world into tolerating their abuses. The Saudis donate money to UNICEF and other UN agencies. After they were put on the children?s rights violators list, they threatened to cut off funding the UN. Sadly the UN has accepted these bribes and capitulated to the Saudi threats. The UN officials whose salaries are partly paid by Saudi oil money should be ashamed of themselves for putting their own financial interests, and their material comforts, ahead of their duties to the thousands of children butchered and abused by the Saudis. What?s more, these UN officials are criminals, since the practice they are engaging in is the crime of bribery. They have allowed themselves to be bribed into complicity in the mass murder of children. They should be tried for those crimes ? bribery and complicity in the mass murder of children ? alongside the Saudis themselves in an international court of justice.

3- What are the consequences of this UN action? Doesn?t it mean the UN is politicized? Some believe that the UN decision to unblock Saudi is a blow to the credibility of the UN and in Particular, Ban Ki Moon?s?

Unfortunately the UN has been highly politicized, and subject to the bribery of the rich and powerful, since it was founded in 1945. For example, shortly after the founding of the UN, the American President Truman ? himself bribed with a suitcase containing $2 million in cash to support the creation of Israel against the unanimous opinion of his advisors ? ordered the US government to bribe and threaten the nations of the world to force them to vote for Resolution 181, which has been (falsely) interpreted as legitimizing the illegal, immoral and disastrous creation of Israel. This kind of bribery and injustice is more the rule than the exception at the UN. But the UN?s recent decision to capitulate to the Saudis, and become an accomplice in the mass murder of children, is an especially disgusting example of this kind of criminal behavior.

4- Doesn?t it mean double standard by the UN? It is while Amnesty International called it "blatant pandering" and warned that the UN was in danger of becoming "part of the problem rather than the solution." What is your opinion about the UN role and credibility in future?

The UN has never been especially credible. But with this kind of nakedly corrupt action, it is jettisoning its last shreds of credibility. When a Western-owned, foundation-funded outfit like Amnesty International ? hardly a courageous voice of truth ? issues such a stark warning, we may be assured that the UN?s decision to become complicit in the mass murder of children is disgusting even people who would normally be its allies.

5- What can Right Groups do to oppose Saudi Arabia?s inhumane actions against children and women in Yemen?

Human rights groups that whitewash the crimes of the powerful are worse than useless. Such groups need to lose their fear of offending the oligarchy that runs the world, and speak truth to power even if it means they will have to operate out of a run-down trailer in the desert. Every time a human rights group spins its narrative to ?maintain its credibility? with the elite, it makes the world worse, not better. It would be better to have no human rights groups at all than to have a ?human rights community? that systematically understates the crimes of the powerful. These people need to wake up and decide to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or find productive work in another field of endeavor. As it stands, anyone who wants to make the world better should either be telling the full truth with no compromises, or joining resistance movements against the criminal global oligarchy. Those who work for corrupt, foundation-funded institutions should resign, join the resistance, and pick up either a bullhorn or a gun.

B'nai Brith Canada thinks my JFK assassination interview is "anti-Semitic"

On 2016-06-07 23:00:46, kbarrett wrote:
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B'nai Brith Canada sent out a press release stating:

B?nai Brith Investigation: A so-called Jewish group has links to a White Supremacist Hate Site

By Aidan Fishman
B?nai Brith Canada
Campus Affairs Coordinator

A group that calls itself Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), and passes itself off as an organization that speaks on behalf of Jewish Canadians, promotes Holocaust denial through social media, a B?nai Brith investigation reveals.

Postings on the group?s official Twitter and Facebook accounts have been directing followers to articles from the white supremacist hate site Veterans Today. One article in particular falsely asserts that no more than 1-million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany and characterizes modern antisemitism as a natural reaction to Israeli policies. The article was also promoted online by Sid Shniad, a B.C. resident who serves as IJV?s co-chair and official spokesperson.

Both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Law Poverty Center have denounced Veterans Today as a white supremacist hate site, replete with false accusations of Jewish responsibility for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the assassination of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings.

- - -

The press release linked my article:

Press TV: Johnson, Dulles, Mossad plotted Kennedy murder

Here is my response emailed to afishman@bnaibrith.ca :

Hello Aidan,

I?m sorry you were displeased by my Press TV interview on the JFK assassination, in which I mentioned possible Israeli complicity almost as an afterthought, after blaming various non-Jewish groups and individuals much more forcefully.


I would have thought that since the US is just as demographically Christian as Israel is Jewish, I was far more guilty of anti-Christian bigotry in blaming Dulles, Johnson, the CIA, and the US military-industrial complex.

Can you explain to me why primarily blaming a Christian nation and its Christian leaders for a crime, while adding that a Jewish leader and Jewish state may also have been involved, amounts to anti-Jewish bigotry? If not, your accusation of anti-Semitism is specious and libelous.

I would be happy to discuss this with you, and either hear your case or accept your apologies. Please feel free to call me between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Central, or let me know what is a good time and number to call you.


Kevin Barrett

Interview with Iranian news agency

On 2016-05-23 13:43:02, kbarrett wrote:
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- How do you see the essentiality of the day of Quds in light of the current regional upheavals in the Middle East?

Quds Day reminds us that the liberation of Palestine is the single most unifying issue among Muslims, and the key to achieving peace in the Middle East and the world.

- Many are of the idea that the freedom seeking character of Imam Khomeini prompted him to designate al-Quds day, what is your opinion?

Imam Khomeini was a visionary leader who embodied the true Islamic principles of standing up for justice and struggling against oppression. He liberated Iran from the tyrannical foreign occupation of the USA, and also sought to help liberate Palestine from the tyrannical oppression of the Zionists. Imam Khomeini advocated pan-Islamic unity, and pan-Islamic resistance to imperialism and Zionism. Al-Quds day reminds us that his work is unfinished: The political unification of Muslims for the cause of justice and resistance to oppression has not yet been accomplished, nor has the liberation of Palestine. Every year, on the last Friday of Ramadan, al-Quds day reminds us to rededicate ourselves to these noble objectives.

- If Imam Khomeini did not commence the Islamic Revolution, how would the state of oppressed people around the world including the Palestinians be?

The Islamic revolution brought Islam into the liberation struggle of oppressed people all over the world. Prior to the Revolution, Islam had been a factor in various anti-colonial and pro-justice movements, but they were generally isolated. The Islamic revolution announced that not only was the Islamic Awakening here to stay, but also that Islamic ideals of justice and struggle against oppression would join forces with larger worldwide struggles. And the most important of these, especially in the Muslim world, is the struggle of the Palestinians. Since the Islamic Revolution, resistance to Zionism has become increasingly identified with these Islamic ideals, as the secular Palestinian Authority has become weak and corrupt, while Islamic resistance groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad have moved to the forefront of the struggle. It is unlikely that these Islamic resistance groups would be playing such a prominent role had it not been for the Islamic Revolution. This is one reason why the Zionists see Iran and its Islamic Revolution, with its ideals of pan-Islamism and anti-Zionism, as their most formidable enemy

- Given the previous question, how do you see the role of the serving Iranian leader regarding the world oppressed people specially the Palestinians?

In a time when the vast majority of world leaders are slaves of the pro-Zionist New World Order bankers, colluding in the oppression of their own people and the people of the world, Iran?s Supreme Leader is an exception and an inspiration. His steadfastness in resisting pressure from the forces of empire and Zionism, while helping Iran achieve steady progress economically, educationally and technologically, is a feat matched by few if any global leaders of the 21st century. Such patience, tenacity and wisdom will also be the hallmarks of the long-term project for the complete liberation of Palestine.

Interview for book to be published in early 2017

On 2016-05-14 14:07:22, kbarrett wrote:
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I just submitted an interview for a book due out from a British publisher in early 2017. Please note that this, like everything at this private blog, is copyrighted material, posted here for the eyes of TruthJihad.com subscribers only! So please do not re-post any of this.


You have become well known for your views on 9-11. Can you sum up what you think happened that day?

9/11 was a coup d??tat by the neoconservatives, who are ultra-Zionist, ultra-militarist, ultra-machievellian followers of the political philosopher Leo Strauss. The intellectual authors of the crime included such people as Paul Wolfwowitz, who succeeded Paul Nitze as top US strategist; Philip Zelikow, the self-described specialist in ?the construction and maintenance of public myths? who wrote the 9/11 Commission Report in chapter outline before the Commission had even convened; and Edward Luttwak, author of the book Coup d?Etat: A Practical Handbook, which served for decades as the how-to guide for the planners of what would become September 11th.

All three of those individuals, and about 90% of the other leading neoconservatives, are Zionist-extremist Jews. The overriding strategic objective of 9/11 was ? as the 1995 Clean Break document put it ? to make sure that ?Israel will not only contain its foes; it will transcend them.? By ?transcending its foes,? the authors, including Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser, meant that Israel would trick the USA and the West into invading or destabilizing those foes. The plan was to ?redraw the map of the Middle East? in accordance with the Oded Yinon plan to destroy Israel?s unfriendly neighbors by imposing regime change on them, balkanizing them along ethnic and sectarian lines, or otherwise disabling them.

And that is what 9/11 accomplished. The ?seven countries in five years? targeted by 9/11 (as explained by General Wesley Clark) were the seven leading threats to Israel. As a leading neocon told Clark after 9/11, ?We're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.?

They destroyed Iraq, with the American occupation allowing Israelis to assassinate most of Iraq?s scientific and intellectual leadership while staging false flag bombings to start a Sunni-Shia civil war designed to smash the country into three pieces. They are now destroying Syria in similar fashion. They destabilized Lebanon by assassinating former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri with an Israeli mini-nuke (the same weapon used in the Bali bombing and perhaps in the demolition of the World Trade Center) while falsely blaming Syria. They destroyed Libya with their al-CIA-duh mercenaries and NATO bombing. They destroyed Somalia by sending their Ethiopian proxies to annihilate the first and last effective government Somalia ever had, the ICU. They destroyed Sudan, splitting off the resource-rich south and handing it to Israel to pillage. And they still yearn to destroy Iran.

For the intellectual authors of the 9/11 coup d??tat, the ?New Pearl Harbor? they were openly calling for, the destruction of those and other countries ? and the massive degradation of the now morally as well as fiscally bankrupt USA ? was a small price to pay for enhancing the strategic position of Israel.

Philip Zelikow himself, who probably co-wrote the script for 9/11, gave the game away in a speech at the University of Virginia on September 10th, 2002:

"I?ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 ? it?s the threat against Israel. And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don?t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn?t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.?

Hating Israel?s Muslim enemies, murdering them en masse, and destroying their countries to protect the Zionist occupation of Palestine became a much more "popular sell? after Israel blew up the World Trade Center and falsely blamed it on Arabs and Muslims.

The 9/11 coup was conducted using the standard ?drill goes live? scenario that is almost always used in big false flag operations. Webster Tarpley has shown that 9/11 was piggybacked on no less than 46 drills, war games and terror exercises. More than twenty of these were actually running on the morning of 9/11, the biggest pre-planned National Security Special Event Day in history. Two of the exercises running on 9/11 envisioned ?planes into buildings? terrorist attack scenarios.

Why did Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other hardliners go along with an Israeli attack on America? The neocon-Zionist coup plotters convinced some hard-line US strategists to join their operation, using the pretext that a New Pearl Harbor would allow a ?New American Century? of global dominance. The leading neocon think tank, Project for a New American Century (PNAC) issued a document called ?Rebuilding America?s Defenses? in September, 2001. That document openly called for a ?New Pearl Harbor,? while rewriting the earlier Israel-oriented Clean Break document with a pro-US-empire spin.

The coup plotters created the illusion of hijacked planes crashing into buildings. Though the details are disputed, the simplest way they might have done this would have been to take over actual passenger flights using remote control ?hijack termination? systems developed by Rabbi Dov Zakheim?s companies. (Zakheim was the Pentagon Comptroller who ?lost" 2.3 trillion dollars, seven times the annual military budget, as announced by Rumsfeld on September 10th, 2001.) But some evidence points to the possibility of a ?plane swap? scenario in which the commercial flights either never took off, or took off and were swapped with military planes; this is the scenario envisioned in the 1962 Operation Northwoods plan for a false flag attack on America, a plan drafted by Gen. Lemnitzer and endorsed by every one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

After the ?hijacked airliner crashes? into the Twin Towers, the perpetrators blew up the entire World Trade Center ? not just the Towers and Building 7, but the other buildings as well. Huge explosions repeatedly rocked all of these buildings, beginning BEFORE the planes hit, as hundreds of witnesses have testified and as videos and photos show. Though 2500 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have risked their reputations and livelihoods to explain the scientific evidence proving that the three skyscrapers were demolished with explosives, anyone with a fifth grade science education and two functioning eyeballs can see that the Towers did not ?fall,? they exploded. Their explosive ?collapses? featured at least ten exclusive characteristics of controlled demolition, including sudden onset, near perfect symmetry, near free-fall acceleration, molten and even evaporated steel in the rubble, pyroclastic dust clouds, high-speed horizontal ejections, and so on. Never in all of history has even one of those characteristics occurred except in controlled demolitions.

World Trade Center Building 7?s sudden demise was an even more obvious controlled demolition than the explosive ?collapses? of the Twin Towers. A countdown to demolition was even broadcast over police radio. The over-insured alleged-mafiosi WTC landlord Larry Silverstein, who had just bought the Trade Center two months earlier and doubled the terror insurance, confessed on national television to participating in the decision to ?pull? (demolish) Building 7.

Silverstein and his Israeli associates controlled World Trade Center security, while the Israeli company ICTS controlled the airports where the allegedly hijacked flights departed. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the former Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, points out that the Israeli Mossad is the only conceivable candidate for hands-on orchestrator of the coup. But it must be emphasized that the top of the US chain of command, including Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and at least some of the Joint Chiefs, were fully complicit. University of California professor Peter Dale Scott has shown evidence that Cheney and Rumsfeld were part of the planning for 9/11 since their terms in the Ford Administration in the mid-1970s. They presumably felt that a New Pearl Harbor would unleash US military power and double the military budget overnight, which in fact happened. They probably contracted out the details to the Mossad and then just got out of their way.

It should be emphasized that if there is one think we know with certainty about 9/11, it was that there were no hijackings by human beings (as opposed to remote hijackings, which indeed may have occurred). Not one pilot on any of the four allegedly hijacked planes squawked the hijack code, which would have taken only a few seconds, and would ALWAYS happen in any conceivable hijacking. Additionally, not a single shred of reliable evidence places any of the alleged hijackers, or indeed anyone with Arab or Muslim names, on the planes. There are no official passenger lists. (The unofficial ones released to the media, which are not mutually consistent, feature no Arab names.) There are no ticket stubs or testimony from the airline workers who would have ticketed and boarded any such hijackers. And there is not a single authentic video any of the alleged hijackers at any of the alleged airports from which the alleged attack planes departed.

Given that the perpetrators needed the 100% certainty of successful ?plane crashes? at the Trade Towers to provide a cover story for their explosive demolitions, they obviously would not have relied on fallible human hijackers ? especially those who, like Hani Hanjour, were incapable of flying a Cessna training aircraft. (And Hanjour, according to the 9/11 Commission was the ?best pilot? among the hijackers!)

The so-called ?muscle hijackers? were actually more like five foot tall 100 pound weaklings. I?m pretty sure I could have taken out any four of them myself, box cutters or no box cutters. The claim that these 19 low-level CIA-affiliated drug couriers who couldn?t even fly Cessnas could pull off the first successful hijacking since the 1970s, much less four of them, and then guide planes into targets at ridiculous, impossible speeds is one of the most ludicrous myths ever entertained by human beings.

The official story is full of elements that are not just absurd, but downright laughable:

*Fanatical fundamentalist Muslims who spend most of their time in strip clubs, gambling dens, secure US military facilities, and CIA drug import airstrips disguised as flight schools.

*Ultra-hedonistic, ludicrously un-Islamic wannabe suicide hijackers who come to the US a year in advance of their mission and sign up for flying lessons inside the US of all places, then completely flunk out of their flying lessons ? yet somehow perform impossible acrobatic stunt feats with 757s.

*An alcoholic cocaine-addled ?mastermind," Atta, who marches into a Small Business Administration office during the run-up to the attack and aggressively demands a huge sum of cash to buy a crop-duster to drop poison on Washington DC, while ranting about his love for Osama Bin Laden.

*Magic passports that miraculously appear at ?plane crash sites? that leave no identifiable plane wreckage or bodies.

*Magic suitcases that miraculously appear out of nowhere full of incompetently-manufactured ?incriminating evidence.?

The intelligence agents who manufactured the cover story for 9/11 are either the most incompetent covert operators who ever walked the earth, or they are pretending to be so to have a good laugh at what their controlled corporate media can make us believe. This latter ?they have a sick sense of humor? hypothesis is explored in SK Bain?s The Most Dangerous Book in the World, which readers of this book will surely enjoy.

What of the whole so called "War on Terror??

As my book Questioning the War on Terror explains, the whole concept is an Orwellian hoax. Even counting the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 false flag, Americans are far more likely to be hit by lightning or drown in their bathtubs than to die in terrorist attacks.

The ?War on Terror? is really a war of terror. Its architects have terrorized us, convincing us to fear a virtually non-existent threat.

But there is one form of terrorism that is a real threat. It?s called war.

To understand why war is terrorism, consider the definition of terrorism: ?Attacks on civilians to spread fear for political purposes.? This is what wars have always done. During the past two centuries, war has become even more terrorist than in previous ages. Since Sherman marched through Georgia burning, killing and raping civilians, each major war has claimed an increasing percentage of civilian victims. In World War I the ?civilian casualty ratio? was 40%. In World War II it was 65%. In many of today?s wars it is over 90%. And in World War III it could very well rise to 100%.

Today, over 90% of the victims of ?surgical drone strikes? are civilians, many of them women and children. Blowing up entire wedding parties is a favorite pastime of the drone operators.

They also terrorize us with pervasive surveillance. Who among us hasn?t ever said or done or written something they would prefer not to see publicized? With their post-9/11 ?total information awareness? surveillance state they have colonized our imaginations with the fear that ?they? might be spying on us, so we had best not fight back against ?them? too hard.

Rich Western populations are controlled by this kind of colonizing of the imagination. Poorer, rebellious populations have their imaginations colonized differently. Instead of having to fear the consequences of surveillance and potential embarrassment, blackmail or prosecution due to that all-pervasive eye-in-the-sky, the people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere have an even nastier eye-in-the-sky watching them: killer drones that can drop out of nowhere and ?bug-splat? their entire families in an instant.

Personally, I am all in favor of having a real all-out war on terrorism. But we need to go after the real terrorists.

In On Western Terrorism, Vltchek and Chomsky document 55 to 60 million people killed by US military and CIA interventions since World War II. The people responsible for that ?American Holocaust,? as William Blum calls it, are the real terrorists. They are the ones we should be at war with.

Virtually all terrorism is committed by governments and the corporations who own them. Presidents, generals, CIA directors, and CEOs are responsible for almost all of the terrorism that exists today. They are the ones who need to be either ?bug-splatted,? or dragged into a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Ironically, it is the groups that have declared war on the real terrorists who are labeled ?terrorists? by the official propaganda apparatus. FARC has declared war on the murderous Columbian terrorist state (and behind it the US); so the real terrorists in Bogota and Washington put the FARC on their list of ?terrorist groups.? Likewise with Hamas and Hezbullah and Islamic Jihad, which are pursuing a struggle against not just Israeli state terror, but actual genocide.

Then there are the fake and half-fake (infiltrated) groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. ISIS is completely synthetic; it is a cartoon series like Tom and Jerry, complete with fake beheadings so badly staged and filmed they would have been an embarrassment at a 1970s Alice Cooper concert. ISIS was created by the West to install ?a salafist principality in Iraq and Syria? as classified US documents put it. It?s a branch of NATO?s Operation Gladio B, nothing more.

Al-Qaeda is a ?Roger Rabbit? group ? it has elements of reality as well as superimposed Hollywood elements of cartoonish fiction. There was a real Osama Bin Laden, but he has been eclipsed by the cartoon villain created by CIA-Mossad Hollywood scriptwriters. And there have been some sincere fighters associated with al-Qaeda, but the infiltrators essentially ran the group and used it to discredit Islamic resistance to empire.

The bottom line is that deception is rampant. Bottom line: We are living in an Orwellian world in which the terrorists call the anti-terrorists ?terrorists."

Do you think False Flag Actions like this are becoming more prevalent? For example what do you think happened at the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon was an obvious false flag attack that was exposed by the alternative media even before the official story was in place and the patsies named. The proof is available to anyone with eyes. The exploded backpacks (photos courtesy of the FBI) were not on the backs of the Tsarnaev brothers. Those backpacks were carried, and the bombs set off, by two Craft International mercenaries. Look at the photos yourself: http://noliesradio.org/archives/113386 (Discussion of Boston bombing starts at the 3 minute mark.)

And Sandy Hook? What did you feel about that?

The preponderance of the evidence I?ve seen suggests that it, too, was probably a false flag hoax. The multiple lines of argument making that case are developed in the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, which has been banned by Amazon.

Though I?m not 100% certain what really happened at Sandy Hook, I am outraged that Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy was fired for asking good questions about this highly suspicious event. Professor Tracy was tenured, which should have protected his right to pursue controversial lines of inquiry. That is the whole point of the tenure system! Yet rather than refute his arguments ? which would have been a simple ?slam dunk? if the official story is correct ? his detractors chose to use deceptions, distortions, and outright lies to get him fired from his job.

The same thing happened to me at the University of Wisconsin (except that I was untenured, which made me an easier target). Politicians who didn?t like my research on 9/11 attacked me not because of anything I did on the job, but because they didn?t like the views I expressed on a radio show. Likewise, Professor Tracy was fired not because of anything he said in the classroom or wrote in academic journals, but due to views he expressed on his blog.

If State Rep. Steve Nass, and behind him Lynn Cheney and Karl Rove, didn?t like my views of 9/11, they should have found someone to refute them. Yet when the Debate Club at the University of Wisconsin tried to arrange a debate, not a single professor was willing to defend the Official Conspiracy Theory against me. Wisconsin newspapers editorialized, begging the University to find at least one professor who could debate me and show why my arguments are wrong. But none stepped forward. A few years later, my backers offered $1,000 to any teacher (professor, lecturer or TA) who would debate me on 9/11. No response. The offer was raised to $2,000. Still no response. The offer still stands today.

Likewise, Florida Atlantic University (and whoever was pressuring them) should have been able to find someone to argue convincingly against James Tracy?s views. Instead, they summarily fired him. Obviously Professor Tracy?s views must be difficult to refute.

know there have been some issues around you teaching classes on Islamic history and culture because of your views. How has speaking what you feel to be the truth affected your life and your career?

I am no longer employable in the American academy. The political witch-hunt led by the Wisconsin Republican Party succeeded in that respect. The University of Wisconsin Engineering School lost more than half a million dollars in canceled donations within 24 hours after I appeared on the Hannity Show on Fox News in July, 2006. I?m sure there were other financial hits as well. Any American university that hired me would expose itself to political attacks and likely take a financial beating.

Then Dean of Humanities Howard Ross has testified that I was turned down for a tenure-track Islam and Humanities job at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater purely due to my research on 9/11. He said I was the best candidate of the three finalists, then the only candidate after the other two went elsewhere; but the hiring committee was told that I could not be hired due to the 9/11 issue, so the University returned a huge grant to the federal government and did not fill the position.

The same thing happened with another Islam and Humanities job at the University of Illinois for which I applied. The University refused to fill the position and returned federal grant money, claiming there were no qualified candidates. In fact, I was highly qualified; how many Ph.D. Arabic and Islamic Studies scholars are there who have taught college humanities and hold four advanced degrees in various world literatures?

So my career as a university instructor is over. But my work in education continues. I am making a much more important contribution to public education as an independent author, editor, journalist, pundit and talk radio host than I ever could have as a professor.

More importantly, I am benefiting spiritually and psychologically by following the ?path of blame? (for speaking the truth) which is the path trodden by all the prophets. I am certainly not saying I?m a prophet. But, as Woody Allen says about God, we need role models. OBVIOUSLY we are all supposed to emulate the prophets. A Christian who doesn?t make the utmost effort to act like Jesus isn?t much of a Christian.

Telling a very important truth, and being reviled for it by the ?ungrateful truth-concealers? (kuffar, sometimes mistranslated as ?infidels?) is the greatest thing anybody could possibly be doing. So with amazement and gratitude I give thanks to God for this miraculous opportunity to make the most of my time on earth.

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