Bibi angling for fall-back career on Broadway

Netanyahu says goodbye to politics, and hello to Broadway

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s political career is heading for the cliff.

He put all his chips on Romney. And on war on Iran. And lost.

He got conned by a Veterans Today Mossad infiltrator, and was suckered into making himself the laughing stock of the world with his Wile E. Coyote bomb cartoon at the United Nations.

Whether or not Obama throws Bibi under the bus by exposing 9/11, Bibi is looking less and less likely to get re-elected as fuhrer of Israel.

So he needs a fall-back career.

Thanks to our VT double-agent inside Mossad, we were able to obtain top secret footage of Netanyahu auditioning for the lead role in the new Mel Brooks musical, “Springtime for Bibi.”

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