Lieberman: Iran declares cyber-war on banksters!

“Holy Joe” Lieberman explains who really runs America

Joe Lieberman is a traitor not only to the Democratic Party, but to the USA. I don’t care that he bailed out on the Democrats despite getting the nod as Gore’s running mate in 2000. The real problem is that he bailed out on the USA long, long ago.

Lieberman betrayed the Democrats because they weren’t sufficiently enthusiastic about the 9/11 neocon-Likud post-9/11 agenda: Shred the Constitution, declare war on Islam for Israel, double the military budget, and so on. This smaller betrayal grew out of his larger betrayal: Throughout his career, Lieberman has been a servant of the treasonous Israeli spy lobby that holds America’s neck in its death grip and squeezes harder every year.

Insider sources have revealed that those who organized 9/11 said it was going to happen no matter who won the 2000 election: “We have people in both parties.” Since Bush stole the election, 9/11 was set up (probably by “terror czar” Richard Clarke) to be run out of Vice President Cheney’s office. Had Gore claimed the victory he rightfully won, 9/11 would have been run out of the office of Israeli agent Joe Lieberman.

Now Lieberman, a kingpin in the Israeli organized crime network that is trying to drag the US into a war on Iran for Israel, is whining that Iran is supposedly launching cyber-attacks against some of America’s biggest banks, including JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.

If they are, every patriotic American ought to send Iran’s President Ahmadinejad a telegram of congratulations and support. The big banksters, as more and more of us understand, are America’s ultimate enemies: They overthrew our Republic in 1913 with the coup d’etat that created the Federal Reserve, then dragged us into World War I – a war we had absolutely no business fighting – in a quid pro quo with the British in exchange for Palestine, which has been the capital of the Rothschild global crime network ever since. And they haven’t stopped bleeding us, both literally and figuratively. They are a leech that has grown bigger than its host, and if we don’t remove them soon, the host will die.

I don’t know whether the Iranian Quds force is really launching cyber-attacks against the banksters. But I do know that every loyal, patriotic American should be.

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3 Responses to Lieberman: Iran declares cyber-war on banksters!

  1. Lin Wells says:

    You and Gordon Duff are on fire, I tell you, on fire

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Lin! I guess we’re just a couple of pissed-off patriots.

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Mr Barrett,

    I think you’re one of the best commentators out there. Keep up the good work. Someday Freedom and Justice shall prevail, God willing, and we shall spit on this scum and his ilk while they swing from the gallows for their crimes against humanity.

    As an aside, I recently saw a clip of Jesse Ventura being interviewed by “Pirs Morgan” on CNN. I don’t know if Ventura is a disinfo agent or not but what gave me hope was that the crowd was all for 911 truth. The sheeple are waking, hear them roar:



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