Dear Alfred Webre: PLEASE SUE ME!

Alfred Webre is not happy that I exposed him and the man-eating plesiosaur he rode in on:

Now It Can Be Told! The REAL Reason Obama Was Nearly Devoured by Carnivorous Plesiosaurs on Mars

Now ALFRED is calling ME a cointelpro agent all over the internet!! I guess he thinks I’m trying to cover up the truth about Alfred’s friend Andrew teleporting to Mars with Obama and nearly being devoured by carniverous plesiosaurs.

Here’s my challenge to Alfred:

* * *


I think I know how we can resolve this. I just published an article arguing that you are, knowingly or unknowingly, part of a covert operation to “skunk” the Vancouver Hearings and future legal proceedings on 9/11:

Here is my plan: You sue me for libel. We go to court in an actual, official US courtroom, armed with subpoena power, and bring in witnesses to testify under oath, including Basiago and the dozens or hundreds of people he says have time-traveled with him or been part of these operations…as well as some expert 9/11 truth witnesses.

Not only will this generate a lot of interesting sworn testimony, but the jury will be able to decide whether you are a heroic whistleblower exposing CIA time travel and jump rooms to Mars, or a knowing or unknowing agent of a “skunking” operation.

Since you are a Yale-educated lawyer, you’re in a good position to initiate this lawsuit. I have no legal training whatsoever, extremely limited financial resources, and would have a proverbial fool for a lawyer (myself). But I still think I could whip your extraterrestrial ass.

This will bring you a lot of publicity that will presumably help your radio ratings and sell your books.

What have you got to lose? Not your reputation, surely.  (And yes, I AM calling you Shirley!)



Kevin Barrett

PS  If you somehow win the case, perhaps by producing an actual plesiosaur scale from Mars authenticated by DNA evidence etc. etc., I will not only do my best to comply with the court-ordered damages, but I will also apologize to you and buy you dinner at the best restaurant in Seattle.

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